Ripple Price Technical Analysis – XRP/USD Correction Likely Over

Key Highlights Ripple price corrected higher recently, but it struggled near the $0.7500 resistance against the US dollar. The XRP/USD pair is currently attempting a close below an ascending channel with support at $0.7000 on the hourly chart (data source from Kraken). The pair may is now at a risk of a downside move back […]

Insiders Reveal ASIC Mining to be Inevitable For Cryptocurrency

In a revelatory blog post, David Vorick makes a thorough examination of cryptocurrency mining from his experts point of view concluding that ASIC mining is an inevitable result of the big money involved in the mining industry. Like Printing Money Vorick who oversees development of the decentralized file storage coin SIA also operates Obelisk, his own ASIC […]

Fan Project Super Mario 64 Online adds Sonic characters

For its 2.0 release In 2017 folks crafted Super Mario 64 Online (referred to as “SM64 Online”), a project that allowed folks to play with 24 players in a modded version of the N64 classic. It was promptly taken down after Nintendo got wind of it, and now it’s coming back as the not so […]

Cam Smith cops NRL ban for ‘wishbone’ tackle

Melbourne captain Cameron Smith has been suspended for Saturday’s NRL clash with Manly after pleading guilty to a wishbone tackle on Kevin Proctor. Smith on Monday accepted the one-match ban after being charged with a grade-two dangerous contact charge for pulling former teammate Proctor’s leg during Saturday’s win over the Gold Coast. The 34-year-old missed […]

US officials to attend opening ceremony : worldnews

Disallowed submissions US internal news/US politics Editorialized titles Misleading titles Editorials, opinion, analysis Feature stories Non-English articles Images, videos or audio clips Petitions, advocacy, surveys All caps words in titles Blogspam (if stolen content/direct copy) Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr Old news (≥1 week old) articles See the wiki for details on each rule Disallowed comments Bigotry […]

Tips for Adopting Out Former Ferals : Pets

I have two 7 month old kittens who were formerly feral, but we captured them at around 5 months, fixed them, vaccinated them, and made it a goal to keep them indoors with us so they’d become more domesticated. They were accustomed to our presence and we fed them every day, so they were never […]

Dungeonhaven: First Look news – Indie DB

Take the sword of a knight resurrected from stone, called into the world as a pawn in a war between living dungeons formed from the twisted souls of those trapped within their walls. Manage powers gained from defeating bosses in fast paced deterministic combat. Players start with the ability to turn to stone at any […]