Duncan Selbie’s Friday message – 20 July 2018

Dear everyone People in prison experience a much higher burden of chronic physical and mental health problems than the general population. This is for a variety of reasons but one of these is because of high smoking rates.  The final two prisons in England have now implemented their smoke free policies, supported by PHE and […]

the making of Sonic Mania • Eurogamer.net

Fandom’s a funny thing, isn’t it? When a new SegaWorld opened up on the slightly tatty seafront at the foot of Brighton’s Madeira Drive a good few years back, I was at the peak of my obsession with the company who’d brought blue sky joy to so many. And so I decided to head down […]

11 People Dead After a Duck Boat Capsized on Missouri Lake

Eleven people, including children, have died and a number of passengers remain missing after a duck boat capsized during a thunderstorm that ravaged Table Rock Lake in Missouri on Thursday. About 31 people were on a Ride the Ducks boat in the Ozarks when strong winds caused it to capsize, Stone County Sheriff Doug Rader said […]

Coconut Macadamia Nut Cookies – Sallys Baking Addiction

I’m crowning these coconut macadamia nut cookies the queen cookie of summer. With the golden crisp edges, sweet soft centers, flecks of coconut, and chunks of big buttery macadamia nuts… plus the white chocolate drizzle… why would one make ANY OTHER COOKIE this summer? No really… why? Our friends came over the other week which […]

Silly billiards Pool Panic released

Rekim’s endearingly daft action-billiards adventure Pool Panic has rolled out into stores, and immediately into the corner pocket. Billed as “the world’s least realistic pool simulator”, this bizarre little game has been on my radar for a while. To say it stretches the rules of pool a bit would be a gross understatement, but from […]

Eagles fans made Nick Foles the NFL’s top merchandise seller

One year ago, Nick Foles was a veteran backup quarterback who was struggling to find his place in the league. Now he’s the NFL’s hottest-selling star. No player in the league sold more officially-branded merchandise between March and May of 2018, according to data released by the NFL’s Players Association Thursday. That means that when […]

7-Minute Pre-Bed Yoga Flow | Mark’s Daily Apple

Today’s awesome post is offered up by Jessica Gouthro of PaleoHacks.com. Enjoy, everyone! If you feel restless at night, try this seven-minute pre-bed yoga flow to help you drift right to sleep. We get it: Even though you try to go to bed at a certain time, you’d rather stay up and watch TV. Then, […]

Being harassed by /r/bitcoin moderators (in particular /r/bashco) : btc

So being harrassed by /r/bitcoin mod /u/bashco is considered acceptable user policy now or is /r/bitcoin just exempt from these types of rules? As I have been unjustly banned from /r/bitcoin I still visit it from time to time and in one particular thread I downvoted /u/bashco‘s ridiculous comments and upvoted others, along with actually […]