Loot a multiverse’s worth of junk in Jazztronauts for Garry’s Mod

Jazztronauts is a mod about how mods are made. In this clever meta-modification for Garry’s Mod, you (and optionally your pals) go on scavenger hunts through the 15,000+ maps already on the Steam Workshop. You’re hunting for glowing crystals while stealing everything else (from chairs to wall textures) to sell for cash to spend on […]

Tyler Posey Opens Up About ‘Teen Wolf’ Reunion

Teen Wolf may be joining the long list of reboots — if its main star has anything to say about it. Tyler Posey, 26, who played Scott McCall on the series, opened up about whether or not he’d want the show to be turned into a movie on Tuesday’s episode of PeopleTV’s Chatter. “For Teen […]

August Baking Challenge – Sallys Baking Addiction

Happy happy August! With a new month comes a new Sally’s Baking Challenge. Since it’s the last full month of summer, I have an EASY and FUN recipe for our August Baking Challenge. But before we get there, let’s review what the baking challenge is: MONTHLY BAKING CHALLENGE On or around the 1st of every […]

Bahamas Bowl to now be sponsored by Illinois industrial park, not Popeyes

There’s been a college football bowl game in the Bahamas since the 2014 season. It’s called the Bahamas Bowl, and for the first three years, the sponsor was this great institution: But the Popeyes Bahamas Bowl has been out. The Makers Wanted Bahamas Bowl is now in. What is “Makers Wanted,” you’re asking? ESPN, which […]

Bitcoin Cash Fans Celebrate Independence Day One Year Later

News Today is the one-year anniversary of the ‘Bitcoin Independence Day’ that took place on August 1 2017. Since that day the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network and community have had a very productive year as the decentralized cryptocurrency has celebrated a ton of milestones including successful network upgrades, massive merchant adoption, and a wide variety […]

Adjustment battle | Inquirer Sports

LA Tenorio. Photo by Tristan Tamayo/INQUIRER.net Leo Austria now knows what to do, and Tim Cone certainly knows what not to. Defending champion San Miguel Beer and Barangay Ginebra have had their field day in the series and after two blowout results, their coaches have had plenty to look at. And now they brace for […]

Connecting IOT Networks Behind NAT with Grenache

Connecting IOT Networks Behind a NAT with Grenache 31 Jul 2018 at 05:24 PM (UTC) Bitfinex is, like many things in the cryptocurrency space, a highly distributed system. Our backend architecture is distributed, as is the vast majority of our team. This puts us in a position where creativity and innovation within problem solving is a must. […]

What Are Exogenous Ketones and Who Should Take Them?

Interest in the ketogenic diet is at an all-time high, and for good reason. It’s a great way to lose body fat, gain steady energy throughout the day, increase fat-burning capacity at rest and during exercise, reduce inflammation, and improve cognitive function. Keto also has a number of promising medical applications, including seizure control, enhanced […]