6 Foodie Reasons To Visit The Isle of Man

Planning a city break any time soon? Quickly becoming one of the most popular foodie eco-conscious holiday destinations, here are 6 Excellent foodie reasons to visit the Isle of Man. Renowned for its outstanding combination of landscapes, nature, wildlife and heritage, Isle of Man is situated in the Irish Sea, between the United Kingdom and Ireland, […]

The Riot Grrrl spirit comes to video games • Eurogamer.net

My fellow music nerds will remember Riot Grrrl for its connection to a wellspring of awesome bands. From Bikini Kill to Bratmobile and Heavens to Betsy, at the start of the 1990s the Washington punk scene had suddenly exploded in girl bands, pouring out of a growing movement of informal all-girl meet-ups in the city […]

AMAs 2018: Taylor Swift Wins Artist of the Year

Look what you made Taylor Swift do. After opening up the American Music Awards with a fiery performance of her song “I Did Something Bad,” the Grammy winner picked up the biggest award of the night: artist of the year. “I just wanna say to the fans … you have been so nice to me […]

5 Ways to Stop Relationship Anxiety and Paranoia

When you’ve been burned in the past. Nothing kills new relationships more quickly than relationship anxiety and obsessively wondering, “Does he like me?” Let’s say you’ve started dating someone, and you like them a lot. After a few great dates, they said they’d call you on Saturday … but they haven’t yet. At first, you […]

Cashtippr Plugin Allows Money Button Integration on WordPress Sites

Technology & Security On Sept. 13, a new application called the Money Button launched, giving content creators the ability to embed bitcoin cash (BCH) payment buttons into websites. Not long after the release, a developer named Ekliptor published Cashtippr, a plugin that integrates the Money Button into WordPress-themed websites, so content creators can earn BCH […]

Space Hulk Tactics Cyanide Out Now

SPACE HULK SPACE HULK SPACE Hu- okay, let’s not do that. As polished as Space Hulk: Tactics looks, Cyanide’s take on the venerable board game feels like a regular franchise entry now, rather than a once-in-a-blue-moon event it used to be. As with Space Hulk Ascension from a few years back, Tactics is another attempt […]

Update on Open-Ended Bitcoin Mining

We are now offering customers of Open-Ended Bitcoin contracts an alternative to pay 30-Day maintenance upfront, which will allow them to pay their own maintenance costs on a 30-day basis, instead of a minimum 6-month basis. Please find the new option in your account dashboard. The maintenance fee is not something that Genesis Mining profits from […]

Every 2018 college football standings race, ranked by DRAMA FACTOR

Alabama in the SEC West, Georgia in the SEC East. Ohio State in the Big Ten East, Wisconsin in the Big Ten West. Washington in the Pac-12 North. Clemson in the ACC Atlantic. It feels like an abnormally large number of college football division races have already been settled, doesn’t it? We’re only entering Week […]