Italian Pan-roasted New Potatoes with Grilled Chicken

Crispy on the outside and super smooth on the inside, pan-roasted Italian new potatoes are LOADED with simple authentic flavours. Paired with grilled chicken and a salad make a fantastic wholesome family meal in just 30 minutes. These crispy Italian pan-roasted new potatoes are sure to become one of your favourite dishes. They’re rich and […]

Brexit and the 2019 European Elections

Although the 2019 European elections are still over half a year away, we have seen a flurry of activity across Europe and regular media coverage of these activities. This ranges from the potential new alignment of parties in European Parliament, to the floating of names for top EU positions. Brexit plays a role in this […]

10 Guaranteed Tips to Prevent Cookies from Spreading

I’ve been there. Are your cookies flat greasy puddles? Did you just waste an hour of your time? Is your cookie recipe a complete flop? After years of baking cookies– and writing a cookie cookbook— I know exactly what a failed batch of over-spread cookies is like. It’s frustrating, unappetizing, and a waste of money. […]

Dont Starve Hamlet Early Access Out Now

Just when you thought you’d explored every nook and cranny of Don’t Starve‘s nightmare otherworlds (plural), a new set of porcine problems present themselves. Hamlet, begining a quick spin through early access today, is another expansion for Klei’s survival action RPG sandbox. This one takes Wilson and his sketchy pals to a new, far more […]

Petfood Forum videos offer pet food experts’ insights

Pet food experts shared their latest research, data and insights on pet nutrition, the pet food market, ingredients, safety, processing and consumer behavior during Petfood Forum 2018. Exclusive videos of select sessions are available for purchase and download. The videos cover sessions on reaching connected pet food consumers, with Larine Urbina, vice president of communications, […]

Tia Mowry Pleads for Help Finding Tamera Mowry’s Niece Alaina

Tia Mowry asked fans for help finding her sister Tamera Mowry’s niece Alaina Housley, who went missing after the California bar shooting on Wednesday, November 7. Celebrity Deaths in 2018 “Woke up shocked,” Tia, 40, tweeted on Thursday, November 8. “Please pray. Please pray. I am numb.” Woke up shocked. Please pray. Please pray. I […]

U.N. now aims for Yemen talks by end of year, not end of month

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – United Nations Yemen envoy Martin Griffiths is no longer aiming to convene the country’s warring parties for peace talks by the end of this month and will instead try to bring them together by the end of the year, a U.N. spokesman said on Thursday. United Nations Special Envoy to Yemen […]

SEC Charges EtherDelta’s Founder with Operating an Unregistered Exchange

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has charged Zachary Coburn, the founder of crypto token trading platform EtherDelta, with operating an unregistered securities exchange. SEC Charges EtherDelta Founder With Operating an Unregistered Exchange — SEC_News (@SEC_News) 8 November 2018 The agency identified the decentralized […]