Dear Mark: Metformin Side Effects, Kraft Heinz Deal Questions

For today’s edition of Dear Mark, I’m answering a few questions from readers. First, the diabetes drug metformin looks like a “wonder” drug, even (or especially) for non-diabetics. Are there any known side effects? Is there anything we should watch out for? Second, I address some of the concerns and criticisms shared in response to […]

Did Your Dog Eat Human Medication? Expert Advice on What to Do

I didn’t know if I was looking at a Cocker Spaniel or a miniature Cujo. Gracie, a 3-year-old sweetie I’d known since puppyhood, was a hot mess of mangled fur, dripping drool and wild eyes. At that moment, she was about as sweet as a jalapeño pepper. “I turned my back for a second, and […]

Wassail Recipe with Cider, Brandy and Spice

Real, traditional wassail is a treat.  In authentic recipes, sugar-roasted apples float in a fragrant bowl filled to the brim with hard cider and brandy – all infused by aromatic sweet spices like cinnamon, allspice, cloves and ginger. But more than just a warming drink, wassail is a celebration of ancient rituals and blessings, of […]

Russia Tries to Strangle Ukraine in New Maritime Strategy

December 04, 2018  11:05 AM This autumn, a patriotic feel-good comedy called “The Crimean Bridge — Made with Love” played in Russian movie theaters. The head of RT (formerly, Russia Today), the Russian propaganda channel, wrote the screenplay. It depicts the Kerch Strait and the heroic workers building the most triumphant construction project of […]