Here is why we are allowed to call Bitcoin Cash whatever the fuck we want, including “real Bitcoin ™”. And we don’t like something we get to change it. Some people have asked me for a TL;DR on the MIT License that Satoshi used so I have written a shorter version. : btc

Do whatever the fuck you want You have to legally include this notice so everybody knows they can do whatever the fuck they want You can’t sue us because of these lines Source: Copyright (c) <year> <copyright holders> Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and […]

The Best Vanilla Cake I’ve Ever Had

With its outstanding vanilla flavor, pillowy soft crumb, and creamy vanilla buttercream, this is truly the best vanilla cake I’ve ever had. And after 1 bite, I guarantee you’ll agree. Out of all the cake recipes on my website, there’s a glaring absence. There’s white cake with a pristine soft crumb, vanilla naked cake with […]

Nicki Minaj Takes Aim at Ex-Boyfriend Meek Mill Onstage

Nicki Minaj isn’t ready to let her breakup with Meek Mill go. The rapper took aim at Mill during a recent concert in Australia, even threatening to spill secrets about him. Biggest Celebrity Shades of 2018 A video that surfaced on Twitter on January 5, shows Minaj, 36, stopping the music while performing her song […]

7 Tips to Stay Focused and Achieve Peace of Mind 

If you’ve been struggling with anxiety, stress, or depression then the phrase “peace of mind” might sound like something from a fairytale. But I can assure you that peace of mind really does exist. And not only that, it’s something that you can accomplish in your own life. Some people mistakenly believe that peace of mind […]

Street Artist Hides $1,000 in BTC Inside a Mural Depicting Paris Protests

News Over the last eight weeks, the world has watched the yellow vest protests in France as the grassroots political movement has fought for economic justice. On Sunday, the well known street artist Pascal Boyart (Pboy) revealed a mural that contains a solvable puzzle with 0.28 BTC inside. The artist explained that the puzzle cannot […]