Monsanto Merger Migraine: Roundup Is Toxic for Bayer

January 10, 2019  03:50 PM In Werner Baumann’s world, the truth is one-dimensional, as he likes to put it, based on facts and scientific findings, studies and expert opinions. That’s why the head of Germany’s Bayer Group has no doubts about the safety of glyphosate. He says he would acquire Monsanto, the American manufacturer […]

Despite overwhelming scientific evidence that vaccines are safe and effective in preventing childhood diseases, a significant minority remains skeptical, such as the anti-vax movement. Mathematicians show this may be due to “hysteresis”, where an effect persists despite changed initial conditions. : Health

The post title is a copy and paste from the first, third and fourth paragraphs of the linked popular press article here: Despite overwhelming scientific evidence that vaccines are a safe and effective tool for the prevention of childhood diseases, a significant minority of the U.S. population remains skeptical of the practice, as evidenced by […]

The Best Winter Gear for Dogs

Dropping temperatures don’t mean you and your canine have to stay inside. Get out and get going with these colder-weather gear picks for your pup! 1. Coat $35. Kurgo Loft Dog Jacket; Some dogs — think Siberian Huskies — are naturally protected from cold weather, while others might need a little extra layer to enjoy […]

Hungary PM: no compromise possible with Germany on migration

FILE PHOTO: German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban talk to the media after a meeting in Berlin, Germany, July 5, 2018. REUTERS/Axel Schmidt BUDAPEST (Reuters) – Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Thursday no compromise was possible with Germany over migration despite what he called “constant pressure” from Berlin on […]

6 Natural Ways to Ease Your Dog’s Anal Sac Distress

Ever watch your furry friend “walk” by without the use of his paws? This exasperating little amble is often executed on some sort of textured surface — such as your new living room carpet or Aunt Emily’s heirloom Persian rug. But it can also be performed on hardwood, ceramic tile or the garage floor. To the […]