Sparkle Sweetheart Cookies | Sally’s Baking Addiction

These beautiful sparkle sweetheart cookies are dressed up in Valentine’s Day sprinkles with a chocolate heart nestled on top. This is a simple cream cheese drop-style sugar cookie that only requires 30-60 minutes of cookie dough chilling. Now that the Super Bowl is over, can we focus on Valentine’s Day? Or… Galentine’s Day? Whether you […]

EXECUTIVE TIME! Trump’s Leaked Schedules Show How Little He Actually Works!

Donald Trump uses lots of superlatives to refer to himself — the hardest working, the most successful, the least racist — but there’s only one he earns over and over: most hypocritical. After years of criticizing Barack Obama for taking vacation days, playing golf, etc, Trump has really put the “idle” in “presidlent.” (He really is […]

[Announcement] pre-release launch. Host a paybutton on your site with just snippet of code. Convert 160+ currencies to BCH LIVE. Fully hosted on github. @ThePayButton : btc

All you need to host a paybutton on your site is the following snippet of code: <script src=””> <button class=”pay-button” address=”bitcoincash:bch_address_here” > </button> The following example can be used to access more features: <script src=””> <button class=”pay-button” button-text=”” button-text-2=”” amount=”” amount-type=”” address=”bitcoincash:bch_address_here” success-msg=”” paywall-field=”” success-callback=”” > </button> Here is a brief description of each additional […]

Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence : Health

This article is a mess. THC is the psychoactive substance. Meanwhile marijuana high on CBD and low on THC is the one that would have no side effects and only help against pain, nause, tremor.. So that’s something not mentioned which is an important part of the research and a big part of the medicinal […]

There’s a Groundhog Day VR game in the works •

Here’s a thing I wasn’t expecting to be writing this (or, indeed, any) week: Bill Murray’s high-concept 1993 comedy vehicle Groundhog Day is getting a sequel. And it’s arriving in the form of a virtual reality game. As announced over the weekend, developer Tequila Works – previously responsible for fascinating VR murder mystery Invisible Hours […]

What is Petfood Forum 2019 all about?

Today, Petfood Forum, organized and put on by WATT Global Media and Petfood Industry, is known as the pet food industry’s global conference and exhibition focused on technologies utilized in the processing of pet foods and pet treats. Located in the heart of the Animal Health Corridor in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, the 2018 show […]

Unknown Pleasures: The Gang of Five

I need a break, readers. I am theoretically planning out my year, but I’ve been planning the plans instead and oh lord how does a life this boring have so much stuff in it? It’s a coincidence, but this week’s Unknown Pleasures, our round-up of the best indie games recently released on Steam, is a […]

Trump embraces a new nuclear arms race

Ishaan Tharoor Reporter covering foreign affairs, geopolitics and history February 4 at 12:59 AM Want smart analysis of the most important news in your inbox every weekday along with other global reads, interesting ideas and opinions to know? Sign up for the Today’s WorldView newsletter. (Washington Post illustration) On Friday, the Trump administration confirmed its […]