ALCS Game 3: Astros Tony Kemp made a leaping catch and it was AWESOME

ALCS Game 3 between the Red Sox and Astros was tight through three innings on Tuesday afternoon, with the Red Sox leading but just one run and both teams’ bats having a hot start to the day.

With runners on first and second with two outs and a 2-2 count, Dallas Keuchel unleashed an 80 mph slider to Steve Pearce who launched it to left field. For most of the ball’s airtime it looked like it was easily a double off the wall and guaranteed to score at least one run for Boston to increase their lead. Maybe even bring another run around from first if it took an unlucky bounce.

Then Tony Kemp did THIS.

The Red Sox challenged the call, thinking the ball might have hit the wall before it landed in his glove based on the sound Kemp made when he jumped into the barrier. But the call stood and the inning was over. Which is good since Kemp stayed on the ground (for just a few seconds) after the catch. That will probably hurt in the morning.

What did Kemp think of his great moment in the outfield? He had a very specific ranking for it.

That’s some serious ups from Kemp, and combined with a nice over-the-shoulder catch from Josh Reddick in right field the next inning is part of a serious trend of the Astros’ outfield stealing scoring opportunities from the Red Sox. If Houston wins a close won they can thank Kemp for leaping and somehow making this play.

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