Battlefield 5’s first chapter update delayed by technical issues •

It’s a little unfortunate, but Battlefield 5’s first free DLC update – which was due to release today – has now been postponed due to technical problems.

Aside from sounding like the start of an orchestral piece, Chapter 1: Overture is the initial part of Battlefield’s new “Tides of War” live service system, and is supposed to provide players with a host of new content. Despite forming an essential part of Battlefield’s flagship post-launch plans, the team at DICE has chosen to withhold the update “rather than create issues in the game”.

The good news is the delay doesn’t sound too severe, and DICE has promised to issue a further update on the situation at some point today.

When the update does roll out, players will be able to access a new map called Panzerstorm (set in Belgium), a practice range, vehicle visual customisation, and a War Story called The Last Tiger. This episode, by the way, requires the player to command a German Tiger 1 tank in the final days of the war – so it should be interesting to see how DICE handles the whole playing-as-a-Nazi thing.

On top of this, Overture will introduce weekly events, each with a “series of challenges that lets you earn new Tides of War rewards”. We’ll have to see how this works in practice.

The Tides of War season narrative was created to avoid problems similar to Battlefield 1’s premium pass, which essentially split Battlefield’s player base between premium and standard maps. As executive producer Aleks Grndal told me at Gamescom, DICE is hoping it will also allow them to “be a lot more flexible” and to “experiment a little more” with the game’s content. Better late than never.

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