Being harassed by /r/bitcoin moderators (in particular /r/bashco) : btc

So being harrassed by /r/bitcoin mod /u/bashco is considered acceptable user policy now or is /r/bitcoin just exempt from these types of rules?

As I have been unjustly banned from /r/bitcoin I still visit it from time to time and in one particular thread I downvoted /u/bashco‘s ridiculous comments and upvoted others, along with actually upvoting the thread itself. I was then reported to reddit for ‘brigading’, which I consider to be nothing more than harassment by /u/Bashco and the other venomous moderators/censors of the /r/bitcoin subreddit.

I noted the he went to great lengths to remove all his heavily downvoted comments a few days after he locked and deleted the OP’s posts. Is this really acceptable for reddit? I find it utterly disgusting that reddit continually allows this sort of blatant harrassment of it’s users and such heavy censorship of /r/bitcoin.

Why won’t reddit intervene? This has to end.

Here is the thread, I upvoted a few comments and downvoted Bashco’s lies and misinformation along with uploading the thread itself. Apparently this is considered brigrading? I don’t often visit the /r/bitcoin subreddit because due to the propaganda and censorship that is so constant there, so how is it brigrading? I would actually like a response from reddit about this because I actually feel personally attacked merely for using this shitty censored platform.

Images of reddit warning me about ‘brigrading’ and also the remains of the thread that the /r/bitcoin moderators could not delete.

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