Change Log: Version 2.9 – The Bitfinex Blog

Change Log: Version 2.9 20 Aug 2018 at 01:19 PM (UTC)   Throughout the previous 3 months we have dedicated a number of resources towards the layout, functionality and responsiveness of various front end components, including the Bitfinex order form. Recent efforts have gone towards rewriting trading books, funding books and order forms using React for improved […]

Testing the Newly Transformed Non-Custodial Coinbase Wallet

Wallets A while back, the San Francisco-based exchange Coinbase announced the launch of an ethereum-based wallet called Toshi. The application was a private and secure messaging platform tethered to a non-custodial ETH wallet. Now Coinbase has decided to revamp the application and Toshi will become the ‘Coinbase Wallet’ which will not only offer ETH and […]

Despite Decline in Bitcoin Prices Mining Hash Rate Keeps Rising

Despite the significant decline in Bitcoin prices since the beginning of 2018, the network’s hash rate continues to increase showing a complex nature of economics of cryptocurrency mining. A growing hash rate means Bitcoin mining is still profitable enough for many players to stay put, defying […]

Bitcoin cash photographer needed (Stellenbosch / Cape Town

Hey all! Myself and a partner own this facebook page ( in the past we used to arrange events and do nightly photography in the student town of Stellenbosch (South Africa). Although we are no longer in the town, we would like to know if there are any Bitcoin cash fans in the town who […]

The Daily: Binance Launches in Liechtenstein, Opens Office in Malta

The Daily Crypto exchange Binance is launching a fiat-to-crypto trading platform in Liechtenstein and you can find the details about the joint venture with LCX in The Daily. We’ve also got reports about opening a new office in Malta, Coinsilium investing in crypto trading platform Bundle, and the rebranding of the Toshi crypto wallet […]

Calvin Ayre now controls almost one third of BCH mining : btc

Calvin Ayre’s CoinGeek has added 20,000 rigs in recent days, boosting its hash rate from 950 to around 1250 PH/s. That, and some miners switching to BTC as BCH’s price has fallen, has left CoinGeek with approaching 33% of BCH mining, up from about 22% a week ago. If BCH falls further against BTC, CoinGeek’s […]

Bitcoin Contracts Upgrade Live Now With A Premium Discount

Since the end of last year, miners around the globe are struggling to stay in the game. All this time we kept our eyes on the market and followed your comments regarding the heavily declining mining rewards. We were of course very uneasy about seeing our customers not getting what they expected. However, as a hashpower […]