A Millennial and Crypto Love Story: How This Generation Is Ghosting Banks

America’s youth has long been in a bad relationship with banks. Their predatory, self-serving practices have left a bad taste in the mouths of many young consumers, who have historically acclimated and resigned themselves to the system as they aged. Millennials have been accused of killing almost every industry, from golf to napkins, but now […]

Coinbase is waiting 12 confirmations for BCH, not 6 : btc

According to this page sent to my by Coinbase support yesterday, BCH transactions should take 6 confirmations to confirm: https://support.coinbase.com/customer/en/portal/articles/593836-why-is-my-transaction-pending-?b_id=13521 But all my transactions yesterday took 12 confirmations. Currently this transaction has 7 confirmations and Coinbase has yet to credit me: https://blockchair.com/bitcoin-cash/transaction/ce329fd94de5ffeefd96d9220d899e91f2eebd2b24479111c8e2697ed47cf5ac I’m trying to get Coinbase support to notice this issue. They sent me […]

Blockchain.com Launches New Bitcoin Cash Block Explorer

Wallet provider Blockchain.com has started offering a new tool for users to peer into the inner workings of their cryptocurrency. The company has launched a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) block explorer that allows people to search for transaction hashes, blocks and addresses on the BCH blockchain. Also Read: Bitcoin Cash Clothing Charity Expands to a Dozen […]

[Announcement] PayButton.cash pre-release launch. Host a paybutton on your site with just snippet of code. Convert 160+ currencies to BCH LIVE. Fully hosted on github. @ThePayButton : btc

All you need to host a paybutton on your site is the following snippet of code: <script src=”https://paybutton.cash/pre-release/v0.1/js/paybutton.min.js”> <button class=”pay-button” address=”bitcoincash:bch_address_here” > </button> The following example can be used to access more features: <script src=”https://paybutton.cash/pre-release/v0.1/js/paybutton.min.js”> <button class=”pay-button” button-text=”” button-text-2=”” amount=”” amount-type=”” address=”bitcoincash:bch_address_here” success-msg=”” paywall-field=”” success-callback=”” > </button> Here is a brief description of each additional […]