Report: North Korea to Hold a Crypto Conference

News North Korea is reportedly planning to hold a conference devoted to blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. The event, said to have been scheduled to take place in October, is expected to bring experts from around the world who will meet representatives of North Korean enterprises.     Also read: China Escalates Crackdown, Russia Chases Shadows, UK […]

Mt. Gox Opens Claims for Creditors

According to a press release posted on the infamous Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox website, an online claim filing system has been opened allowing its creditors to begin registering claims on the funds that they lost when the exchange became insolvent in 2014. The notice attributed to […]

Bitcoin ATM Card Goes Metal, Offering Cryptocurrency Cash Back

Services Revolut Metal is the latest offering from the United Kingdom-based digital bank, Revolut. It claims to return cryptocurrency cash back on purchases, higher withdrawal limits, and even a personal concierge service. Offered initially to its 10,000 strong premium clients, Revolut intends to open the card to everyone in order to meet demand. Also read: […]

Canada’s Largest Crypto Exchange to Expand to Europe

Coinsquare, Canada’s largest trading platform for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, announced its planned expansion into the European market, set for Q4 2018. According to a statement, customers across Europe will have access to Coinsquare’s entire suite of coins—Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Dogecoin, and […]

So-called “Poison Blocks” (what Greg Maxwell called the “big block attack”) are the way Bitcoin was designed to scale and the ONLY way it ever can : btc

Sounds insane, right? Not if you realize Bitcoin works only because it is an economic system. Everything in Bitcoin that falls under the purview of cutthroat market competition works, and everything that doesn’t, doesn’t. Security: miners compete ruthlessly on hashrate. This prevents 51% attacks. Security in Bitcoin is fully within the purview of cutthroat market […]

Digital Money Platform Wirex Receives UK FCA E-Money Licence

Cryptocurrencies – those in the know are abuzz with excitement, and those who have a just a passing interest immediately paint the industry with the same brush as pyramid schemes or bubbles. So, when a digital money platform that offers both fiat and cryptocurrency services is […]

Popularity of P2P Cryptocurrency Loans Increases in China

Economics China is reportedly witnessing a surge in peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrency lending amid the country’s recent liquidity crunch and the virtual currency markets’ bear season. Despite regulatory uncertainty, entrepreneurs are reportedly eying opportunities in the nascent industry. Also Read: Theories Abound After BTC Leaps While Bitmex is Down Peer-to-Peer Cryptocurrency Lending Gains Popularity in China During […]

BitMEX Moves to the World’s Priciest Offices in Hong Kong

Popular cryptocurrency trading platform BitMEX just rented the world’s most expensive offices, reports Bloomberg citing a Hong Kong newspaper. Co-founded by former Citigroup Inc. trader Arthur Hayes, BitMEX leased the 45th floor of the Cheung Kong Center. The skyscraper is home to Goldman Sachs Group Inc., […]

Researcher: Stop Worrying About Bitcoin’s Environmental Impact

Mining A common mainstream media trope is that Bitcoin mining will soon use so much electrical power it could lead to an environmental catastrophe. We’ve often provided examples of how this is a false narrative, and now an independent energy researcher is saying the same. She points to miners migrating to locations with abundant renewable […]