Giveaway ProCook – Win 1x Cast Iron Casserole Set (£99 Value)

Hello friends, hope you’re having a glorious first day of fall season!! I’m so excited to embrace all the fall season vibes (I can’t stop dreaming about hot chocolate, pumpkin soup, wild mushroom tagliatelle right now!). And to celebrate such a hearth-warming time of the year, I’ve teamed up with ProCook, to offer you the […]

Classic Pumpkin Scones – Sallys Baking Addiction

Welcome to the official Fall baking season! Is this what heaven tastes like? I always feel a jolt of happiness, excitement, and satisfaction when I post the 1st new pumpkin recipe of the season!! I usually like to kick off pumpkin season with a new pumpkin cookie recipe, but hopefully Sprinkled episode 5 gave you your […]

Sprinkled Episode 5: Pumpkin Cookies

The OFFICIAL start of fall is this weekend, so grab your PSL, a can of pumpkin, and watch as I teach you how to make THEE cookie of the fall season. A no-chill cookie recipe I published 1 year ago is the star of Sprinkled episode 5! Wait, what is Sprinkled? Earlier this year, a video […]

Baked Apple Cider Donuts – Sallys Baking Addiction

Happy Friday to you! We finally have a week and weekend at home, so we’re getting things ready for Noelle’s 1st birthday party (next weekend!!!) and cozying up while hurricane Florence hits the east coast. Stay prepared and safe. If you’re also indoors this weekend, I have the perfect treat for you: apple cider donuts. […]

The BEST Vegan Apple Crumble

Looking for a delicious dessert to make this season and over the holidays? The BEST ever vegan apple crumble is just like the classic version, but highly nutritious, naturally gluten-free and butter-free! Oh… hello fall season! I’m super excited to start the baking season all over again, and the first recipe that jumped in mind […]

Happy Birthday Sally’s Cookie Addiction + Giveaway

(Brown butter toffee chocolate chip cookies recipe from Sally’s Cookie Addiction cookbook!) There are two VERY special 1st birthdays this month. ♥ My cookbook, Sally’s Cookie Addiction, turns 1 on September 19th, only a few days before my daughter turns 1 on September 23rd. It was also our wedding anniversary the same week, so September 2017 was an […]

Sweet & Spicy Honey Chex Mix

Happy new week! The first full work week/school week post Labor Day. I don’t know about you, but this feels good! I thrive on routine and I’m so happy that Fall is creeping its way forward. September is always a nice time to hit that refresh button and kick our butts back into gear.  It’s […]

Broccoli Pesto Pasta {Vegan} – The Petite Cook

This quick and awesomely vegan Broccoli Pesto Pasta recipe is highly nutritious, healthy and requires only 6 simple ingredients. It’s guaranteed to satisfy your pasta cravings in as little as 15 minutes! I’ve been making this broccoli pesto pasta on repeat in the last few months, and my whole family keeps asking for more! So, […]

Easiest Red Lentil Dal (Instant Pot)

Red lentils sit in a gallon-sized glass jar in my cupboard.  Fragile and thin, they cook in the blink of an eye, melting into a delightful puree.  One of our favorite ways to use them is in classic masoor dal.  You can serve it over rice, or with flatbread, but sometimes I enjoy just sipping dal […]

Homemade Eclairs with Peanut Butter Mousse Filling

Choux pastry, we meet again! Today, as another option for the September Baking Challenge, I’m showing you how to make homemade eclairs with peanut butter mousse filling. Eclairs are traditionally made from choux pastry dough, pastry cream filling, and chocolate ganache on top. This delicious preparation is called eclair au chocolat in French and it’s likely the way you’ve […]