Grilled Oysters with Tarragon Butter — Nourished Kitchen

I never had a grilled oyster until I moved to the Pacific Northwest.  It seemed almost heretical to take such a delicate, luxurious food and unceremoniously slap it on the barbecue.  But, owing to the northwest’s expansive coastline and cold, clean waters, oysters are abundant and they’re served every which way: on the half-shell, in […]

Chicken Pho Recipe (Pho Ga) — Nourished Kitchen

Every Tuesday, we stop by a local Vietnamese restaurant that specializes in pho – that ethereally fragrant brothy soup that’s filled with wonderfully tender rice noodles, thinly sliced meats, herbs, limes and chiles.  From time to time, I make pho at home, too, often it’s as easy as this Quick Pho, but often enough, I […]

What Your Pulse Can Tell You About Food Sensitivities — Nourished Kitchen

When your body experiences stress, your pulse increases in response.  It’s one of a cascade of events that occurs within your body in response to stress, whether that stress is emotional, physical or in response to exposure to potential allergens. This connection between increased pulse rate and exposure to allergens was noted by Dr. Arthur […]

Kale and White Bean Soup Recipe — Nourished Kitchen

Kale and white bean soup, hearty and marvelously simple, makes it to our kitchen table a few times each winter when the damp, cold, dark days of the Pacific Northwest call for something both warming and filling.  It’s an inexpensive soup to make, combining good broth with winter vegetables and beans. Making Kale and White […]