3 Ways To Use Truvani Turmeric

One of the most unique qualities of our Truvani Daily Turmeric Supplement is that the tablets are uncoated, so you can use them in recipes at home. This is great for people who have difficulty swallowing tablets, or simply don’t like popping pills. This supplement is REAL FOOD after all. This is just one way […]

Aloo tikki recipe, make aloo tikki

Aloo tikki is a simplest snack recipe with potato (potato patties). Learn how to make aloo tikki in this detailed step by step pictures post. I make vegetable cutlet most of the times, but never made aloo tikki as snack. Though I have made it for ragda pattice chaat, never made it alone. Aj keep […]

Matar Ka Paratha (Stuffed Green Peas Paratha)

Matar Ka Paratha (Stuffed Green Peas Paratha) Matar Ka Paratha is stuffed paratha with spicy green peas and is a delicacy. Matar Ka Paratha can be part of any main meal making it special treat. This can be one dish meal served with side of yogurt or pickle. Matar Ka Paratha is also a great […]

Why I’m Launching My Company Truvani

I’m embarking on something bigger than anything I’ve ever done in my life. I’m changing direction and Big Food isn’t going to know what hit them. As you know – I’ve spent the last few years being an activist. You stood by my side along with the entire Food Babe Army, and we helped shape […]

Pori upma recipe, puffed rice upma

Pori upma is a simple breakfast or snack recipe. Learn how to make delicious puffed rice upma in south Indian style with step by step detailed instructions with pictures. About couple of years back mom in law asked me to try this pori upma along with few other recipes she told me over phone which […]

Besan Ka Halwa – Manjula’s Kitchen

Besan Ka Halwa is a traditional Indian dessert and made using different flour, lentils, nuts and vegetables. Besan Ka Halwa is one of my favorite Halwas. This is delicious and also quick and easy to make. When you roast the besan, the house is full of sweet aroma. Besan Ka Halwa is also gluten free. […]

Rumali roti recipe, soft thin roomali roti

Rumali roti recipe with full video, step by step detailed instructions to make soft and thin roti at home in easy method. Rumali roti is super thin roti, meaning as thin as handkerchief and can be folded easily like a cloth. I love rumali roti, both taste wise and also the recipe has all simple […]

Mint thokku recipe, how to prepare mint thokku

Mint thokku recipe – full video, step by step pictures. Tangy, spicy and flavourful, can be stored for a month and mixed with rice, or have it as side dish for curd rice like pickle. I picked a fresh bunch of mint leaves last weekend. This always happens, when I see fresh mint, I buy […]

Creamy Cauliflower Soup With Toasted Pine Nuts

If you love creamy soups, but don’t care for all the butter and heavy cream… cauliflower is your new best friend! This is a dairy-free soup recipe that I re-engineered in a healthier way from a cookbook many years ago and it is still one of my favorites. When you blend cooked cauliflower with vegetable […]