Cranberry Bean and Farro Soup

On any given day, I’m looking to make a delicious meal for my family that is also healthy, relatively inexpensive and not too difficult to make. And, more often than not, what checks all those marks is soup. One of my favorite dishes to serve in the wintertime, is Cranberry Bean and Farro Soup – […]

Cheesy Breadsticks Made from Pizza Dough

Made from 6 ingredient homemade pizza dough, these easy cheesy breadsticks are a totally irresistible side dish or snack. Brush the dough with a little butter, garlic, herb seasoning, then top with lots of mozzarella cheese. Less than 15 minutes bake time! Earlier this week, I published my favorite homemade pizza dough recipe. This recipe […]

Vegetarian Aubergine Meatballs – The Petite Cook

These hearty Vegetarian Aubergine Meatballs are packed with Mediterranean flavor! Ready in just 30 min, they make an impressive, tasty meal for the whole family to enjoy and require only few simple fresh ingredients! These tasty vegetarian aubergine meatballs are fork tender and have an irresistible texture that flakes off in the mouth. Loaded with […]

Coconut Flour: Baking Tips, Substitutions and Recipes

Have you heard about the benefits of baking with coconut flour? As the interest in grain-free diets continues to rise, many cooks are looking to find a replacement for all-purpose flour in their baking. But, before you switch out your flour, there’s a few things you should know about using this popular alternative. What is […]

Homemade Pizza Crust for Beginners

This easy pizza dough recipe is great for beginners and produces a soft homemade pizza crust. Skip the pizza delivery because you only need 6 basic ingredients to begin! This is my go-to pizza dough recipe. It was published on my blog a few years ago and after making it for the millionth time, I […]

Eggplant Spaghetti Sandwiches – Sicilian Doppiette di Melanzane

Eggplant Spaghetti Sandwiches is a traditional vegetarian Sicilian dish both kids and grown-ups love. Easy to put together with simple Italian ingredients, it’s a fun (and totally tasty) way to brighten up a classic spaghetti with tomato sauce. If you have never tasted eggplant spaghetti sandwiches before, you have no idea what you’ve been missing! On the other […]

1 Bowl Baked Oatmeal | Sally’s Baking Addiction

Baked oatmeal is bread pudding for breakfast! Made with a handful of healthy ingredients, this easy recipe comes together in 1 bowl and leaves you satisfied all morning. It’s difficult to find a comforting breakfast that’s easy, healthy, and not just… eggs. This baked oatmeal checks all the boxes and, best of all, it tastes […]

How to Build a Food Blogging Career from Scratch

It’s been years since I wrote a post about food blogging! Right now, in 2019, I’m in my 8th year of food blogging and as I sit back and reflect over this time, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude that this has been my path. That we both show up, influence, and inspire each other in the […]

Easy Avocado Brownies {GF + DF}

My favourite brownies ever. These melt-in-your-mouth  fudgy avocado brownies are totally butter-free, gluten-free and dairy-free and taste just as good as regular brownies, if not even better! You can’t help but fall in love with these avocado brownies! Rich and moist, they are also totally good for you. Packed with nutritious ingredients, these fudgy avocado brownies contain […]

The Best Vanilla Cake I’ve Ever Had

With its outstanding vanilla flavor, pillowy soft crumb, and creamy vanilla buttercream, this is truly the best vanilla cake I’ve ever had. And after 1 bite, I guarantee you’ll agree. Out of all the cake recipes on my website, there’s a glaring absence. There’s white cake with a pristine soft crumb, vanilla naked cake with […]