Telltale Games reanimated a tired genre

In 2012, a corpse shuffled into view, and a police car was upended, delivering us Lee Everett – a likeable fellow who was understandably startled by the ordeal. So were we. Despite the dramatic physical transformation of the cadaver, it was just about recognisable. The lumbering pace, the puzzling focus – it couldn’t be could it? […]

Majima tops Yakuza favourite character poll

Sega has run a poll asking fans to vote on their favourite Yakuza character, and Goro Majima, ‘The Mad Dog of Shimano,’ is number 1. As part of the registration process for Yakuza Online, fans were asked to vote in order for the winner of the poll to be added into the game. The game […]

Pokemon Duel getting update Monday

Version 6.2.5 of Pokemon Duel launches Monday, with a number of small changes. Here are the details: Giratina Altered Form: Remove Shadow Ability, adding new Distory Ability that moves Giratina one step further than Shadow and allows to move through Pokémon, while allowing Giratina to change form Increases damage of Shadow Claw from 150 to […]

Fortnite testing Sony cross platform

Fortnite has already taken over the world, but after an announcement on Sony’s PlayStation Blog today, I might be willing to give it some tentative credit in ending the console war, too. Or starting a new one. After months of Sony taking up Microsoft’s old miserly crown and saying that cross-platform play between PS4, Xbox […]

Here’s your first look at the pets coming to Fortnite with Season 6

By Marshall Lemon, Wednesday, 26 September 2018 17:18 GMT Fortnite players may finally get in-game pets, if this leaked art can be believed. Fortnite is the most popular game of the moment, and is so successful it can pressure Sony into changing cross-play policies. Yet it’s still missing one thing among the Battle Royale gameplay, […]

oOo: Ascension hitting Switch on October 4

oOo: Ascension is coming to Switch next month, Extra Mile Studios has announced. A release is planned for October 4. oOo: Ascension features arcade speedrunning gameplay. Players navigate a ship through various levels in an attempt to clear them in the shortest time possible. Here’s a more in-depth overview and trailer: Hit Indie arcade speedrunner […]