Yakuza 0 review | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Far too many games are defined by hoarding and spending, but few games take such an unseemly relish in the idea as Yakuza 0. The first of Sega’s Japanese crime epics to appear on PC, it’s an orgy of late 80s materialism in which you don’t merely earn cash by defeating opponents, but actually punch […]

Ni no Kuni II is getting free Adventure Pack DLC next month

Bandai Namco Games has announced that the first batch of DLC for Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom will drop on August 9. The DLC will be free to download and is known as the Adventure Pack, with particular emphasis on experienced players. Here, you’ll find that the Faraway Forest has gained some extra floors, […]

Forsaken Remastered out July 31st

The next old-school shooter to get some modern spit-and-polish from retro revival crew Nightdive is Forsaken, a a Descent-like ‘6 Degrees of Freedom’ FPS from the awkward early days of 3D acceleration. The update is being handled by Samuel ‘Kaiser’ Villarreal, brains behind Nightdive’s Turok 1/2 & Strife remasters, plus a couple more done just […]

The Sly Cooper TV show will air in 2019

Technicolor Animation Productions’ Sly Cooper TV series (they’re the same folk who brought us the Sonic Boom TV show, in case you wondered) will launch next year with 52 episodes planned for its first season. Details come courtesy of PGS Entertainment (via Resetera), confirming the first 26 episodes will begin airing in October 2019, each one lasting […]

Famitsu’s most wanted games (7/22/18)

It’s time for the latest Famitsu’s most wanted games chart. This week, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate holds on to the third spot while Octopath Traveler ends its run at #4. Head past the break for the full chart. All votes were cast between July 5 and July 11. 1. [PS4] Final Fantasy VII Remake – […]