Share of the Week: God of War

Last week, we had you join Kratos and Atreus on their journey through the Norse realms in God of War. While throwing your axe and tangling with the gods, you used the Immersive HUD and shared your impressive pictures using #PS4share and #PSBlog. Here are this week’s epic highlights: Kratos shields himself from a heavy […]

Ride Short To Romp Next Week With Saurus’ Stakes Winner

On 2nd May, HAMSTER will be releasing Saurus’ 1995 horse racing game Stakes Winner on the Switch eShop, continuing its unbroken Neo Geo weekly release streak. The ever-popular horse racing/horse breeding/gambling culture in Japan ensures a steady flow of games of this niche genre across all generations, and the Neo Geo was no exception. Saurus’ […]

The Best Nintendo Switch Accessories – Guide

One of the best things about Nintendo Switch is its sheer versatility. You can play it at home, on the go, or even sitting on the toilet if so you desire. With all of these gaming options comes the need for a variety of Nintendo Switch accessories to enhance your gaming experience. If you spend […]

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Gets A Switch-Shaped Bonus Item

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp might not be the full-on Nintendo Switch entry we’re hoping for (come on Nintendo, hear our prayers), but it’s still helped fill the void in the meantime. So how about a nice little Nintendo Switch-shaped gift to add to your collection the next time you login? As part of a new […]

Jin Fujisawa, The Director Of Dragon Quest IX, Leaves Square Enix

One of the Dragon Quest franchise’s most influential developers has parted ways with the publisher. Jin Fujisawa, who worked on nine entries on the series (from Dragon Quest VII on PS1 to Dragon Quest X Online) has moved onto pastures new and is now working with a different company on an as-yet-undisclosed project. The Dragon […]

Jotun: Valhalla Edition Review (Switch eShop)

Despite being a little over a year old, Nintendo Switch already has more than its fair share of top-down action adventure games. The presence of Cat Quest, Kamiko, Ittle Dew 2+ and numerous others like it means genre fans are already spoiled for choice when it comes to the old hack-and-slash routine. Jotun: Valhalla Edition […]

Omensight – Narrative Trailer news

Showcasing the intricate story of Omensight, this trailer gives insight into the events of the end of days in Urralia; what role you play, as The Harbinger, in its salvation; and introduces a cast of characters you can utilize to avert its disaster. Solve the Murder – Rewrite Doomsday – Uncover the Truth – Avert […]