Black Patients Miss Out On Promising Cancer Drugs : Health

He said he’s often seen minorities, including African Americans, miss out on trials because of financial hurdles, logistical challenges and their lingering distrust of the medical community due to a history of being victimized by medical experimentation From the journal publication the author cites The number of eligibility criteria and screening procedures in medical therapy […]

Trial, Meet Error: The Story of a Pharmacy Regular

“Why isn’t this medication working?” me in 2002. “Why isn’t this medication working?” me in 2018. When the university nurse first prodded me to consider medication, I hesitated before eventually relenting. My reasoning: While this little white pill may not be my salvation, it surely can’t hurt. Or can it? Over the past 16 years, […]

MetaAnalysis finds that 1°C increase in ambient temperature is associated with a 1% increased risk of suicide. : Health

Abstract Background The relationship between sunlight hours, temperature, and suicide has been investigated in many previous studies, but with inconsistent findings. We conducted this meta-analysis aiming at providing clear evidence about whether sunlight hours and temperature can affect the risk of suicide. Methods Relevant literature published before 7 Jul 2018 was searched in three electronic […]

Getting to the heart of prevention

Our new Health Profile for England tells us that as a society people are living longer. Life expectancy in England has reached 79.6 years for men and 83.2 for women and we’re healthier at every age group than ever before. However, long term conditions now account for 70% of total health and social care spending […]

Why I Didn’t Get Smartphone Until Now

I’m in my late twenties, and I just got a smartphone. I know, I know, I was met with incredulous stares from the professionals at AT&T, along with everyone else I knew for being quite “behind the times.” But alas, my non-smartphone naturally became obsolete, less functional, and decided to unfortunately bid me one final […]

The medicinal cannabis panel is already failing children like my daughter

Its an interesting read. CBD is relatively safe and an effective option for many cases of intractable seizures. It doesn’t have extreme psychoactive properties and actually doesn’t have many of the side effects of many current seizure medications. It should be a first line medication given its side-effect profile; however, the “war on drugs” and […]

What Makes a Good Mental Health Advocate?

I have been fortunate over the years to share the story of my son Dan’s recovery from severe obsessive-compulsive disorder. The fact that he continues to do so well is concrete evidence that obsessive-compulsive disorder, no matter how severe, is indeed treatable, and it is gratifying to know that many who are suffering have found […]

Introducing Public Health England’s new Evidence Synthesis series

Public Health England (PHE) is piloting a new series of evidence syntheses publications. In this blog we explain what these are, who they are for, a little about the process and how the series will complement other existing work. What is evidence synthesis? Evidence can mean different things to different people. Data, guidance and expert […]

For-profit hospitals correlated with higher readmission rates

The title of the post is a copy and paste from the title and first paragraph of the linked academic press release here : For-profit hospitals correlated with higher readmission rates Patients who receive care in a for-profit hospital are more likely to be readmitted than those who receive care in nonprofit or public hospitals, […]

Getting Older and Feeling Great Joy — Despite All Our Ills

“The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes.” – Frank Lloyd Wright While some people may think that the older you get, the worse your quality of life and well-being becomes. Yet, there are growing numbers of men and women who may now have some silver or gray strands of hair and other age-related […]