6 Steps to Improving Emotional Intimacy with Your Partner

Emotional intimacy is so very important for our individual wellbeing as well as the health of our relationship. Stressors, change, schedules, physical distance, mental preoccupation, the ebb and flow of life … so many things can lead to our waking up one morning and feeling distant from our intimate other. If we think of intimacy […]

Expecting a stressful day may lower cognitive abilities throughout the day. There may be some truth to “getting up on the wrong side of the bed,” according to researchers who say starting your morning by focusing on how stressful your day will be may be harmful to your mindset throughout the day. : Health

The title of the post is a copy and paste from the title and first paragraph of the linked academic press release here : Expecting a stressful day may lower cognitive abilities throughout the day There may be some truth to the saying “getting up on the wrong side of the bed,” according to Penn […]

An update on the London Devolution Memorandum

Last year I wrote about  why I fought hard for London’s devolution deal. Work to strengthen partnerships and to turn the potential opportunities of devolution into tangible improvement in the quality of life of all Londoners is now well underway, and we have seen some positive changes in the capital over the past 6 months.  […]

10 Tips for Sticking with Primal

Primal is simple, but it’s not exactly easy. At every turn, detractors and temptations appear. We have health authorities telling us we’re killing ourselves. Worried friends and family sharing news articles decrying the consumption of fat and meat and promoting wholly plant-based diets. Food companies employ food chemists to engineer delicious processed junk that hijacks […]

Turning the tide on tobacco: Smoking in England hits a new low

New official statistics published today show smoking prevalence in England has dipped just below 15% for the first time. That makes 6.1 million smokers in England, one million fewer than in 2014. While there rightly seems to be an ever increasing focus on obesity and the nation’s eating habits we can’t forget that smoking remains […]

Fighting Perfectionism with Self-Compassion

“Be kind to one another.” You don’t need to be a die-hard Ellen DeGeneres fan to appreciate the value of that motto. And while we’re reminded how kindness goes a long way in our everyday interactions with others, we often forget to apply it to those who need it most: ourselves. Whether it’s setting a […]

Fireworks Safety From an Urgent Care Doctor

If you plan on ringing in the Fourth of July with fireworks, make sure you don’t cut your celebrations short with a trip to the emergency room or urgent care. On average, 280 people have a fireworks-related medical emergency each day, during the month around Independence Day. To help you stay safe this season, Dr. […]

Sitting Time Linked to Higher Risk of Death from All Causes

The title of the post is a copy and paste from the title and fifth paragraph of the linked academic press release here : In the American Cancer Society study, prolonged leisure time sitting was associated with a 19% higher rate of death from all causes combined compared to sitting less than 3 hours per […]

Weekend Link Love — Edition 510

Research of the Week Humans have a Dunbar’s number for “regularly visited places.” Rapamycin counters aging in old rats by triggering autophagy. Movement is great. Mindful movement is even better. Treating Alzheimer’s with CT scans: radiation hormesis. Probiotics are good for old bones. New Primal Blueprint Podcasts Episode 257: Monica Reinagel: Host Elle Russ chats with […]

Think Your Kid Is Smart? Think Again!

Some folks are so proud of their child’s intelligence that they brag about it to the world. Emblazoned on the bumper of their SUV is the message: “My kid’s an honor roll student,” to be replaced years later with a college decal from an elite university. Since being smart is such a source of pride […]