5 Ways to Stop Relationship Anxiety and Paranoia

When you’ve been burned in the past. Nothing kills new relationships more quickly than relationship anxiety and obsessively wondering, “Does he like me?” Let’s say you’ve started dating someone, and you like them a lot. After a few great dates, they said they’d call you on Saturday … but they haven’t yet. At first, you […]

Listen to This if You’ve Ever Fibbed and Said You’re OK When You’re Not

 People are constantly labeling people who live with mental illness as dramatic, liars, and actors. Society, in general, often thinks people who live with bipolar, schizophrenia, and depression are being insincere when it comes to their illnesses. The reality is that people with mental illness are often being misleading, just not in the way […]

Marijuana causes more damage to teens brains than alcohol study finds : Health

This study is hilariously innacurate. For starters, all the information collected was done in assumption that participants were honestly listing their use, which is not a reliable source of information and basically turns this into an opinion poll. Secondly, they do not explain in the slightest how this testing determines their output, they simply asked […]

On Positive Motivation and Accountability

“Positive” motivation arises from the need to seek out what can be experienced, in contrast to “negative” motivation that is born out of the need to avoid something. In many ways, negative motivation is like being pushed from the behind (the past) while positive motivation is like being pulled by the future. Accessing meaningful motivation — not […]

Physicians with burnout are twice as likely to be involved in patient safety incidents, twice as likely to deliver sub-optimal care due to low professionalism and three times more likely to receive low satisfaction ratings from patients, finds a new study in JAMA Internal Medicine. : Health

The title of the post is a copy and paste from the third paragraph of the linked academic press release here : A new systematic review and meta-analysis in JAMA Internal Medicine has found that physician burnout is associated with suboptimal patient care, and that physicians with burnout are twice as likely to be involved […]

Best of Our Blogs: October 5, 2018

With the state of the world today, it’s hard not living in a constant stream of anger, fear and immense helplessness. But I also think it’s a call. Instead of sitting in the sidelines and watching it all unfold, we can do something. We can start groups, connect with others and find ways to help […]

Duncan Selbie’s Friday message – 5 October 2018

Dear everyone I am writing this week from Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, where I have been attending an event that marks a new International Health Regulations (IHR) Strengthening Project which will be a partnership between our two countries. The IHR represent an agreement between 196 countries to work together to strengthen global health security funded through the Department […]

First suicide attempts are more lethal than previously realized, reports a new study of children and adolescents. 71% of youth dying by suicide did so on their first attempt, also known as the “index” attempt, and firearms are implicated in 85% of youth dying on first-attempt. : Health

The title of the post is a copy and paste from the first two paragraphs of the linked academic press release here : First suicide attempts are more lethal than previously realized, reports a study of children and adolescents published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (JAACAP). Seventy-one percent […]

Alcoholics (Not So) Anonymous: A Mental Health Roadmap?

Maybe I should become an alcoholic. Before you wonder whether I have had one too many gin and tonics, let me explain. I have an uncle who has battled alcohol and drug issues for decades. When he believe a relapse is imminent, he attends an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. For him, AA has been a lifesaver, […]