Sitting Time Linked to Higher Risk of Death from All Causes

The title of the post is a copy and paste from the title and fifth paragraph of the linked academic press release here : In the American Cancer Society study, prolonged leisure time sitting was associated with a 19% higher rate of death from all causes combined compared to sitting less than 3 hours per […]

Weekend Link Love — Edition 510

Research of the Week Humans have a Dunbar’s number for “regularly visited places.” Rapamycin counters aging in old rats by triggering autophagy. Movement is great. Mindful movement is even better. Treating Alzheimer’s with CT scans: radiation hormesis. Probiotics are good for old bones. New Primal Blueprint Podcasts Episode 257: Monica Reinagel: Host Elle Russ chats with […]

Think Your Kid Is Smart? Think Again!

Some folks are so proud of their child’s intelligence that they brag about it to the world. Emblazoned on the bumper of their SUV is the message: “My kid’s an honor roll student,” to be replaced years later with a college decal from an elite university. Since being smart is such a source of pride […]

Putting healthier food environments at the heart of planning

Our local surroundings have a large impact on us and we live in an environment that can inadvertently encourage unhealthy behaviours – eating more and exercising less.  Factors affecting our choices can include access to active travel and availability of green spaces, as well as the density of fast food outlets. Many of our streets […]

How the Work Environment Plays a Role in My Mental Health

Over the course of my 20’s (and I’m still in them), I’ve experimented with various work environments. First there were the post-graduate internships in the city — the standard office scene (though one office exuded a slight ‘hipster’ vibe, where employees trailed in from Brooklyn on their bikes). And then I focused on freelance writing, […]

Health Matters: Reproductive health and pregnancy planning

Welcome to the latest edition of Health Matters, a professional resource, which for this edition focuses on reproductive health and pregnancy planning. Ensuring that women and men achieve and maintain good health throughout their reproductive years and beyond is a public health challenge that impacts on future health for both themselves and future generations. This […]

Ask the Coach: Primal Health Coaches Answer Your Questions

A couple weeks ago I asked for ideas for our Primal Health Coaches—what questions have you ever wanted to ask a Primal Health Coach? Many of you wrote in, and I loved reading your ideas. There were so many excellent thoughts I couldn’t begin to include them all here. (Luckily, our coaches might join us […]