Turkish-U.S. Strategic Relations and the Syrian Civil War

On April 12th, Michael Goodyear’s response to my blog piece, Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch (in Turkish; Zeytin Dalı Harekatı), was published in this section. Mr. Goodyear argued that the operation serves as the catalyst for the expansion of Turkish power in Syria, targets Syrian Kurds, and the United States should preserve its own objectives by […]

Brief cease-fire with Taliban could be watershed moment in Afghan war

KABUL — For three extraordinary days this month, the 17-year Afghan conflict took its first formal break, generating a spontaneous outpouring of emotion on all sides and leaving indelible images of Taliban fighters eating at ice cream stands, hugging tearful Afghan soldiers and praying alongside their longtime enemies. Now, the insurgents have returned to the […]

U.S., North Korean diplomats trade handshakes and jabs at ASEAN conference

by Carol Morello August 4 at 12:30 PM Email the author JAKARTA, Indonesia — Diplomats from the United States and North Korea alternately shook hands and lobbed critiques at one another Saturday, in what appeared to be another roadblock in the path to negotiations aimed at ending Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programs. In a day […]

45,000 flee as Syrian government advances into rebel enclave, prompting fears of wider conflict

BEIRUT — Syrian government forces advanced through southwestern Syria on Tuesday as tens of thousands of civilians fled ­Syrian and Russian airstrikes, ­piling onto trucks and heading deeper into rebel-held territory.  With violence escalating, diplomats and experts warn that the pocket could become a geopolitical tinderbox capable of destabilizing neighboring Jordan and triggering a wider […]

Nicaraguan city chooses to govern itself as crisis intensifies

MANAGUA, NICARAGUA — Amid the deepening political crisis in Nicaragua, opposition leaders from a key city that had once cradled President Daniel Ortega’s socialist revolution announced Monday that they do not recognize Ortega’s leadership and that they would create a commission to self-govern the city. The town of Masaya, about 15 miles south of the […]