Roma may face census as Italy hunts for illegal immigrants | World news

In a slum on the outskirts of Rome, members of the Roma community are at odds: some are afraid, some angry and others indifferent. But some support a vitriolic pledge by Matteo Salvini, Italy’s new hardline interior minister, to conduct a census of their community and expel those who are living in the country illegally. […]

Migration Battle Dangerous for Merkel

It’s always the same with these two. The conflict arrives slowly, almost imperceptibly. Earlier this month, just before German Chancellor Angela Merkel was to head off to the G-7 summit in Canada, she and Interior Minister Horst Seehofer were still sitting peacefully side by side on the government benches in the Bundestag. The chancellor, though, […]

Intersections of Religion & Politics in Korea

The Korean Peninsula, a modern day retrovision of 20th century Cold War tension, has long shaped international relations in East Asia and beyond. Supercharged by Kim Jong-un’s nuclear capability, the recent US-North Korea Agreement has returned the geopolitics of the region to the international spotlight. The study of IR offers multiple ways to analyse the […]

Popular Culture Matters: An Introduction

Over the past two decades, the field of popular culture and world politics in international studies has diversified to rigorously examine the myriad ways in which the cultural and the political are intertwined in world politics (Grayson et al 2009; Kangas 2009; Robinson 2015; Dunn 2014; Carpenter 2016; Baker 2017; Saunders and Holland 2018). Concurrently, […]

Prospects of a Negotiated Settlement with North Korea

One of the aspects that political scientists harp on when assessing anyone’s research is the baseline from which deviations are measured.  Without a solid understanding of the baseline of an event, no meaningful change can be discussed.  One of the things that Phillip Tetlock and Dan Gardner do so well in their book Superforecasting is […]

To Avoid a Syrian Quagmire: Turkish-American Compromise and Cooperation

On May 5, Polat Urundul responded to my earlier piece on the “Subaltern States” blog in which I argued that Afrin served as a catalyst for Turkish expansion in Syria, an attack on Syrian Kurds, and necessitated negotiations between the United States, Turkey, and the Kurds to rectify the conflict. Mr. Urundul contended that Operation […]

Preparing for and Watching Norden’s Doom

Netflix’s newest dystopian drama is The Rain, a near-future tale of a cataclysmic plague unleashed on southern Scandinavia by a malevolent corporation called Apollon, which aims to (profitably) provide the ‘cure’ the disease they have (secretly) manufactured. Reflecting the success of Nordic noir on the platform (including series such as Bordertown, Occupied, and Trapped), as […]

If There Was a Time to Support Reformists in Iran, It’s Now

If ever there was a time to support reformists in Iran, it is now.  If ever there was a reason to support reformists in Iran, it is Israel. Iran and Israel came in February perilously close to serious military conflagration, and in May, Iran and Israel came close to war again.  Iran, supporter of Hezbollah […]