Austin Pets Alive! Moose’s TPLO Surgery

December 17, 2018 • Moose’s TPLO Surgery by Sara Defibaugh • Posted in: Medical Chip-ins Moose is our happy-go-lucky, smiley boy who certainly knows how to work those puppy-dog eyes! Unfortunately, Moose isn’t able to live life like a five-year-old pup should due to an injury that’s restricting his movement and causing him to limp. […]

Do Dogs Need Coats in the Winter? 7 Myths and Facts

Winter’s chill is making its presence known in many areas, and as we dig to the back of our closets and coat racks for parkas and seasonal outerwear, we wonder — do dogs need coats in the winter, too? Canine couture is popular, so whether your dog roams in a sweater, hoodie or goes au […]

Pet food data: US spending up, pet owners turn to vets

U.S. baby boomers increased their spending on pet food nearly 32 percent in 2017, after their spending fell the year before; and perhaps even more positive for the future of the pet food market, Generation X pet owners’ spending climbed 12.4 percent last year, and millennials’ rose 5.2 percent. In addition to these numbers, a […]

Austin Pets Alive! Histopath for Alura

December 14, 2018 • Histopath for Alura by Sara Defibaugh • Posted in: Medical Chip-ins Alura is a sweet six-year-old female tabby cat with a loving demeanor – unfortunately she is also quite ill. We are working on the best path of care for her, which includes getting a histopath of what could possibly be […]

Pretty Puppy Pie Made Just for Humans

One of my favorite holiday traditions is baking pies, and there’s no better way to capture the spirit of a warm, dog-loving home than with this perfect puppy- themed pie crust. What I love about this “recipe” is that it isn’t a recipe at all. You can use your favorite pie crust and filling recipes […]

Is Smoking Weed Around Dogs Dangerous?

I seem to be the Internet’s go-to guy when it comes to questions about pets and marijuana — like “Is smoking weed around dogs dangerous?” It started when I wrote a few blog posts about what to do if your dog breaks into a stash of marijuana. At around the same time, I also composed […]

The Story About the Spirit of Christmas

My holiday season isn’t complete without at least one viewing of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. And now there’s something else to look forward to! Illumination and Universal Pictures present The Grinch, based on Dr. Seuss’ beloved classic, which tells the story of the cynical grump who makes it his mission to steal Christmas. Academy […]

Tips to Keep Your Pup Happy at Every Age

Two years ago, I did something I always advise others not to do this time of year: I adopted a puppy. I’d been thinking about getting another dog but had no intention of doing it during the holidays. I had gift buying to do, parties coming up and a long car trip to my cousins’ […]

Which Nuts Are Safe for Dogs to Eat and Which Are Toxic?

As a vegan, I love integrating nuts into my diet. I often bake with almond flour, drink almond and cashew milk (homemade when I’m not too lazy!), and spread a dollop of nut butter on a gluten-free bagel. Many people who love nuts as I do want to share their crunchy/creamy goodness with their dogs, […]