3 new frontiers for pet food premiumization

The pet food market, especially in developed regions, owes its ongoing growth in large part to premiumization, or consumers buying higher-priced pet foods sporting label claims such as natural, grain-free and high meat or protein, said Jared Koerten, head of pet care for Euromonitor International.  These products traditionally have been sold exclusively in the pet […]

Hot Spots on Dogs — Causes, Treatment and Prevention

The rug in front of Robin’s door was a tangle of hair and blood; couch cushions strewn across the floor. Hearing faint echoes of whimpering from the kitchen, she rushed to find her beloved Boston Terrier frantically clawing at the side of her face. Robin swept Suki into her arms and sped to her veterinarian. […]

Can Dogs Eat Carrots? If So, Are Carrots Good for Dogs?

All pup parents know that there are some vegetables that dogs can eat, and some veggies that are best avoided. Carrots are healthy for humans, but can dogs eat carrots? If dogs can eat carrots, are carrots good for dogs? And is there anything you should keep in mind when feeding carrots to your dog? Let’s find […]

Pet food labeling update: new label constructions needed?

A concerted effort to modernize pet food labels in the U.S. has been under way for several years now. Begun by a committee within the Pet Food Institute with the intent to shape potential new regulations called for under the Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act (FDAAA, passed in 2007 after the massive melamine-related pet […]

Rescuing and Giving Back to Blind Dogs

I remember sitting in the vet’s office in the spring of 2004 with my amazing three-legged wonder Doberman, Shanna, for an appointment. Next to us was an older, one-eyed Beagle, whose remaining eye was visibly cloudy. This Beagle was alert and very sweet despite her age and apparent vision problems. I asked her pet parent […]

Why Do Dogs Chew Their Feet? Reasons Why and What to Do

I’ve been known to put my foot in my mouth. But dogs do it on purpose. So, why do dogs chew their feet? The answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Sure, there’s a simple explanation for the behavior. “A dog is essentially trying to scratch the itch,” says Christopher Pachel, DVM, owner of […]

New Drug Shows Promise for Dog Dementia

An estimated 40 percent of senior dogs 12 or older will develop some level of canine cognitive dysfunction, also known as dog dementia. A pilot clinical trial conducted for dogs with CCD looked at the drug Ropesalazine, which is a candidate for treating human Alzheimer’s patients. According to the drug’s manufacturer, South Korea-based GNT Pharma, […]

Your Dog Ate a Chicken Bone — Here’s What to Do

Dogs and bones go together, right? Unfortunately, not always! Since my partner and I are vegetarians, my dogs don’t come in contact with a lot of bones at home but living in NYC means coming across discarded chicken bones on sidewalks. One of the first things I teach any dog entering my life is “leave […]

Simple Dipped Valentine’s Day Treats for Dogs

On Valentine’s Day, two of my favorite things come to mind: desserts and sharing them with those I love. For humans, I do a lot of chocolate dipping as the perfect — and sweet — touch. Because chocolate is a no-no for furry companions, I set out to find the best way to dip a […]

Austin Pets Alive! Fungal Diagnostic for Pinnochio

February 7, 2019 • Fungal Diagnostic for Pinnochio by Sara Defibaugh • Posted in: Medical Chip-ins This beautiful boy has been with APA! for over a year now – yes, we are surprised too. I mean, look at that face! What’s been holding him back is his current diagnosis of having a fungal infection. While […]