Last Chance to Download Your Free Dog Cookbooks + Pet Calendar!

This week, we’re going to be retiring our free cookbooks and 2018 pet holiday calendar–so please be sure to fetch your copy now! You may have heard about the change in how websites can now collect email addresses and store email addresses from community members in EU countries; the change takes effect on May 25th. […]

My elderly, blind, increasingly incontinent dog. : Pets

I have a 15/16 year old black lab mix. His name is Guinness. He has glaucoma and lost his sight a few years ago because I didn’t know he had it until it was too late. He received injections in both eyes that destroyed what little vision he had left and reduced the pressure in […]

Tips on using my kitten to use the litter box : Pets

Hey everyone, New pet cat owner here. Wanted to ask how I’ll be able to train my kitten to use his litter box. He’s 3 months old and he wasn’t trained to use the litter box, heard from his previous owner that his mom used the bathroom to pee/poop and that is also what he […]