Tips For Living With a Deaf or Hearing-Impaired Pet

Thinkstock Even if your dog isn’t deaf, it’s always a good idea to teach him hand signals in addition to verbal cues. One of the sweetest things about my profession as a veterinarian is the opportunity to see the love shared between people and pets. What’s even more special is seeing the accommodations people make […]

If Dogs Could Talk… 6 Myths They’d Debunk

Thinkstock If you think your dog’s mouth is cleaner than yours, answer this one question: Do you eat out of the garbage can? Myths about dogs have been swirling around since canines were first domesticated thousands of years ago. And while they are no doubt fascinating and intriguing animals, if given the chance, they would […]

Help! My Dog Likes to Hide His Toys

Thinkstock If you’d rather not find slobbery toys in your bed, try making a designated indoor digging spot for your pup. My dog likes to bury his toys in our bed and furniture. Can I teach him to not do this anymore? Just like circling and digging at bedding before lying down, hiding prized possessions […]

Train Your Dog to Be in Your Wedding

Thinkstock Your dog can be an adorable part of your wedding — if he has the right temperament and training. Couples getting ready to tie the knot often want to make their dog part of their wedding day. Many envision their furry loved one sweetly walking down the aisle, wearing a beautiful dog-friendly wreath or […]

Teach Your Puppy Not to Lick

Thinkstock If you want to stop your dog from giving kisses, tell the people she kisses not to encourage her. We used to call our late Cavalier, Darcy, “the quicker licker-upper.” From puppyhood on, she loved to give kisses — the bigger and wetter, the better. No amount of trying to train her out of […]

Teach Your Dog to Wave Hello

Thinkstock The paw wave is a charming way for your dog to greet guests and show off his good manners. There’s nothing better than being greeted by a friendly canine. But not everyone is comfortable being approached by a new dog, and not every dog wants to get close to a new person. Teaching your […]

How to Choose the Right Leash for Your Dog

Thinkstock A fixed-length leash should be your go-to for outings with your dog. Whether you’re buying your new dog a leash for the first time or replacing an older leash with something more up to date, the options can seem overwhelming. There are a wide range of leash types available, many of which claim to […]