Grown-ass Adult Campaign Helps Increase Older Dog Adoptions

All it took was a change in vocabulary — and an innovative campaign — for the Animal Protective Association of Missouri (APA) to see an increase in older dog adoptions. “Unfortunately, adult dogs are often overlooked, no matter how great they are. I initially took this challenge to a few of our board members: Help […]

Let’s Talk Dog Nutrition — 6 Essential Nutrients Dogs Need

A groomer friend of mine recently recounted the story of a client who feeds her dog a limited, four-ingredient fresh food diet due to food intolerances. While limited-ingredient diets are common for dogs with food sensitivities, the client was not adding any supplementation for fear of causing the dog a reaction. I was floored, because […]

8 Tips to Take the Stress Out of Holiday Travel With Your Dog

Nothing says the holidays like family, friends — and vomiting dogs. We talked to animal experts and fellow dog owners for tips (especially to avoid that vomiting part) on how to take the stress out of holiday travel with your dog. If you’re part of the 37 percent of people who travel with their pets, […]

Are All Dog Tumors Cancerous? Here’s What to Know

As they age, many dogs get lumps, bumps and masses under their skin. Some of these dog tumors are benign, fatty growths that are completely harmless, but one in four dogs will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime, and cancer is the second leading cause of death in older animals. To learn more about dog tumors, when […]

How societal changes will impact pets, pet ownership

Considering pets are family members with often the same level of importance and influence that human members have (sometimes more!), it stands to reason that as our societies and cultures continue to change, pets and their roles will keep evolving, too. Those changes offer insights and opportunities for pet food brands, according to Joeri Van […]

How to Socialize a Puppy to Help Him Grow Up to Be Happy

Puppies are a lot like kids. They need to see new things, meet new people and have positive experiences in life. This is vital if they’re going to grow up to be happy and well-adjusted. If you have a puppy, it’s your job to provide all this to your dog while he’s still young and […]

5 Tips for Managing Anxiety at a Multi-Dog Thanksgiving

In my family, the holiday season means lots of food, lots of grocery-store runs, and lots of dogs underfoot. For the last several years, we have celebrated the holidays at my sister’s place. She has two little dogs, a yappy (but adorable) old Bichon and a cranky (but adorable) old Shih Tzu. Since my parents […]

Are These Thanksgiving Foods Okay for Your Dog to Eat?

Thanksgiving is a great time to give thanks and extra love to your pup, but what Thanksgiving foods can you share with your dog — if any? Unfortunately, toxic ingredients, high fat and sugar content make some of our favorite Turkey Day treats dangerous for your dog. Let’s look at what Thanksgiving foods are safe for […]

Is Your Dog Embarrassing in Front of Guests? Expert Advice

Sadie, my chocolate Labrador Retriever, came into our lives when she was 5 years old. Her elderly owner had passed away, and she had nowhere to go, so we took her in and fell in love with her immediately. Sadie loved everyone and, in typical Lab style, enthusiastically invaded the personal space of anyone who […]

England Bans Shock Collars on Pets

The government of England announced in August that it will be banning the use of electronic shock collars on pets. “We are a nation of animal lovers, and the use of punitive shock collars cause harm and suffering to our pets,” says Environment Secretary Michael Gove. “This ban will improve the welfare of animals, and […]