Dog Agility — Get to Know the Basics of This Fun and Beneficial Sport

What exactly is the sport of dog agility? Basically it’s an obstacle course that a dog runs in a specified order, navigating jumps, teetertotters and weave poles, among other obstacles, with the goal of completing the course as fast as possible. Dog agility first came to the public’s attention after an exhibition at the Crufts […]

Northern Massachusetts’s Museum of Dog

We have six paintings of dogs in our house. So yes, I would certainly go to a dog museum, the Museum of Dog, like the one dog lover, entrepreneur and philanthropist David York just opened this past spring in North Adams, Massachusetts. The Inspiration Behind the Museum of Dog “I’ve learned that dogs can cross […]

CBD pet products on the rise, regulatory status is murky

Pet treats and other pet products with cannabidiol (CBD) or other forms of hemp seem to be popping up daily. For example, my colleague Tim Wall reported on the dozens of new or existing cannabis-based ingredients in products exhibited at SuperZoo last month in Las Vegas. In a weird coincidence — or should I say […]

Austin Pets Alive! Diamond’s Cushing’s Disease Test

July 13, 2018 • Diamond’s Cushing’s Disease Test by Lindsey Picard • Posted in: Medical Chip-ins Diamond is a sweet little old lady who needs our help. This almost 14-year-old senior drinks a lot of water and consequently urinates a lot, which can be a symptom of an adrenal disease called Cushing’s disease. Luckily, Cushing’s […]

Do Dogs Have Periods?

Questions like “Do dogs have belly buttons?” and “Do dogs have periods?” tend to arise from anthropocentrism, the notion that the way humans experience the world is the only way that matters. The first of these questions presumes that, because humans have belly buttons, surely it’s unusual or remarkable that dogs do not. In fact, […]

Ehrlichiosis in Dogs — Is Your Dog at Risk for This Tick-Borne Disease?

While Lyme disease remains the most commonly talked-about tick-related illness for dogs and people, all tick-borne diseases are on the rise in the United States. That means a number of diseases carried by ticks can make your dog (and you) very sick. Ehrlichiosis is a tick-borne disease that impacts white blood cells, and is spread […]

Can Dogs Get Diabetes? Let’s Discuss Canine Diabetes

Can dogs get diabetes? The simple answer is yes, they can. While the two are not conclusively linked, the surge in canine obesity corresponds to the rise in incidence of canine diabetes. Though there are two forms of diabetes — commonly known as sugar diabetes (diabetes mellitus) and water diabetes (diabetes insipidus) — and the […]

Radagast recalls raw cat food for E. coli, Listeria

Radagast Pet Food, Inc. of Portland, Oregon, USA is recalling three lots of Rad Cat Raw Diet Free-Range Chicken Recipe because testing results indicate the raw cat food may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, according to the United States Food and Drug Administration. Radagast is also recalling one lot of Rad Cat Raw Diet Pasture-Raised […]

7 Bad and Rude Behaviors — From Dog Parents

Most of us who love dogs strive to be responsible pet parents by making sensible decisions regarding the way we raise and live with them. But we’ve all encountered those annoying people that give the dog-loving population a bad name. While these folks are hopefully few and far between, they can have a significant impact […]