Your Dog Ate a Chicken Bone — Here’s What to Do

Dogs and bones go together, right? Unfortunately, not always! Since my partner and I are vegetarians, my dogs don’t come in contact with a lot of bones at home but living in NYC means coming across discarded chicken bones on sidewalks. One of the first things I teach any dog entering my life is “leave […]

Simple Dipped Valentine’s Day Treats for Dogs

On Valentine’s Day, two of my favorite things come to mind: desserts and sharing them with those I love. For humans, I do a lot of chocolate dipping as the perfect — and sweet — touch. Because chocolate is a no-no for furry companions, I set out to find the best way to dip a […]

Austin Pets Alive! Fungal Diagnostic for Pinnochio

February 7, 2019 • Fungal Diagnostic for Pinnochio by Sara Defibaugh • Posted in: Medical Chip-ins This beautiful boy has been with APA! for over a year now – yes, we are surprised too. I mean, look at that face! What’s been holding him back is his current diagnosis of having a fungal infection. While […]

Austin Pets Alive! #AmplifyLifesaving for Animals Like Martha

Martha’s story is one of true resilience and inspiration. A good Samaritan noticed that this sweet girl had been tied in front of a storefront for days and called for help. When this call was inspected, eight-year-old Martha was found severely injured. It looked like she had been hit by a car and then tied […]

The vital role of pet food industry education

I recently spoke on pet food trends at the 29th Annual Practical Short Course on Feeds & Pet Food Extrusion, organized by the Process Engineering Research & Development Center (PERDC) at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, USA. It’s a trip I make each year, and I enjoy the opportunity to connect with industry […]

Is Your Dog Peeing a Lot? Should You Worry?

My dog, Baby, is a healthy and happy Bluetick Coonhound mix. Our daily walks in the forest are constantly interrupted by various calls of nature. Baby is a scenthound, so she has an instinctive need to smell every tree trunk, pile of deer droppings and disturbed patch of pine straw in the forest. When that isn’t […]

Latin America pet food ingredient use: local vs. imported

During the last decade, we’ve seen sustained growth in the development of the pet food industry in most of Latin America’s countries. All product segments are found on the shelves of all markets, with the superpremium food supply coming primarily from the U.S., Brazil and Mexico. Yet superpremium pet foods represent the smallest volume of […]

So Many Products Your Pup Will Love

Scroll through some dog products that you and your pup will love! 1. Zippy Paws Drake the Dragon Zippy Paws Drake the Dragon. If your dog loves plush squeaky toys, he won’t be able to get enough of this cheeky dragon, made out of ultra-soft plush to provide a sense of comfort and companionship. Drake’s […]

Dog-Related Laws By State

There are many dog-related laws on the books that range from slightly strange to highly specific. Here are a few: No person owning or having charge, care, custody or control of any dog shall cause it or allow it to go or be taken into any elevator in any office building, retail store or public […]

What is Petfood Forum 2019 all about?

Today, Petfood Forum, organized and put on by WATT Global Media and Petfood Industry, is known as the pet food industry’s global conference and exhibition focused on technologies utilized in the processing of pet foods and pet treats. Located in the heart of the Animal Health Corridor in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, the 2018 show […]