Nervous of letting old cat out, need advice : Pets

Hey everyone, I have a 17 year old cat. He previously lived with my grandmother at her house. He would often walk around the neighborhood, but as he grew older he mostly stayed in the backyard. My grandmother sadly passed away so I took him in and he’s been living with me for the past […]

Cat trying to murder Dog

Looking for advice as I have googled etc and tried some things but I can’t find much advice for my situation. I’ll try and keep this brief;   So we have a modestly sized house over two floors with a decent sized kitchen right on the back that opens to the garden. We have an […]

Recommendation for dry dog food?

My beagle has been eating the science diet puppy formula since we got her. Now she’s growing up and the vet has recommended we switch her to an adult formula to help maintain a healthy weight. It is so hard to find unbiased reviews for dog food online. I just want to find a good […]

Dog abuse

So I was driving home from visiting my horse and I noticed a lady in the ditch just beating on this poor dog so of course I stopped and yelled at her telling her to stop and that if she wasn’t going to treat the dog better or she didn’t like him that she could […]

Advice on whether to move my cat : Pets

Hello, I’d love some advice on an issue I’ve been struggling with for a year now. In a nutshell, I’d like to know whether it would be a good idea to move my cat from my parents’ house to my apartment. Context to follow. Her current situation: She has lived at my parents’ house since […]

First Time Dog

Hi. . Basically, I am a 13 year old. I've done a lot of research when it comes to dogs and I have reconsidered breeds. I am now thinking of something like a beagle, bichon frise or any companion breed dog. I will be at school from 8 – around 4 and my parents will […]

Can cats sense anxiety?

Hello, I wasn’t sure where to ask this, so I hope this is okay. Lately, I’ve been having a lot of nightmares. I’ve always had problems with sleep, but it seems it’s gotten much worse lately. I’m not sure if it’s because of stress in my personal life or if my meds aren’t working anymore. […]