Miami Heat surging behind Erik Spoelstra.

Sometimes great stories in sports, and greatness, are right in front of us, hiding in plain sight. It is that way right now with the Miami Heat, a really great story in the NBA, and Erik Spoelstra, who is a great coach. “Hall of Fame coach in my opinion,” Jeff Van Gundy says, but more […]

A bigger Hall of Fame is better for baseball.

By Manny Randhawa The debate over just how exclusive the National Baseball Hall of Fame should be is as old as the institution itself. Currently, 1.2 percent of all players in MLB history have been enshrined in Cooperstown. But given current trends, that percentage could very well increase. In a new era of player evaluation, […]

Ranking college football’s most tortured fan bases.

ATHENS, Ga. — This town is still standing, jaw agape, flabbergasted by what happened in Atlanta in the College Football Playoff championship game on Monday. As I told Georgia fans in my postgame column, it’s all going to be OK. But it is certainly not OK right now. There is no more torturous way to […]

MLB teams with plans for internal improvements.

Obviously, not much is happening in MLB’s Hot Stove season. But in some cases, not much needs to happen. There are times when the biggest improvements are internal ones, be it a key player returning to something more closely resembling his career norm after a down year or fewer guys winding up on the disabled […]

Steelers aiming for redemption against Jaguars.

Before either of the AFC’s two wild card playoff games had kicked off, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger knew which team he’d like to face in Heinz Field in their eventual divisional round matchup: the Jacksonville Jaguars. And now that Roethlisberger’s wish has become a reality — the Steelers host the Jaguars on Sunday — […]

Alabama continues college football’s greatest dynasty.

The Alabama dynasty will not end. Auburn has tried to end it. Clemson has tried to end it. Georgia has tried to end it. And yet Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide are showing no signs of slowing down. On Monday, Alabama won its second national title in three years and fifth in nine years by erasing […]

Handing out midseason awards in the NBA.

We’re about halfway through the regular season schedule for the 2017-18 NBA season, which means now is a perfect time to look at the contenders for individual awards and hand out our midseason selections: Most Valuable Player For your consideration… Traditionally, the MVP award has been handed out based on a combination of a) the […]

Examining the MLB market for top home run hitters.

As you stare at the frozen-in-amber baseball offseason — you poke it with a stick, like a child who does not realize his stuffed cat is a toy; “Move, won’t you, move!” — waiting for something to happen, it is worth thinking about how the home run, as a commodity, had its market flooded last […]

Raiders making bold investment in Jon Gruden.

People often say that the NFL is all about wins and losses. Those people are wrong. What the NFL is really all about, at least in my experience, is money, and the winning and losing are simply a major part of that equation. It is, after all, pro football. Nowhere is this more evident than […]

Falcons continue to find ways to survive and advance.

ATLANTA — If you go by observation, common sense and a bunch of other “things,” the Falcons shouldn’t be in the NFL playoffs, which means they’re on the verge of back-to-back trips to the Super Bowl. Huh? Just saying. I’m mostly saying the Falcons are significantly flawed, but they keep flashing signs of becoming the […]