Electron Cash coin splitting tool (for Nov 2018 hardfork) released! : btc

Together with Mengerian and Jonald Fyookball, I’ve coded up and released an Electron Cash coin splitting tool for the November 15, 2018 chain splits: https://github.com/markblundeberg/coinsplitter_checkdatasig/releases/tag/3.3.1CS

Along with the tool is a user guide explaining how it can be used to safely split coins .

The purpose of this tool is to give users more control over their coins if it turns out that the BCH network splits into two chains (or more) on November 15th. It allows people to give their coins “replay protection”, by making it possible to spend coins using a script which is valid only on a chain following the upgraded Bitcoin Cash ruleset that includes OP_CHECKDATASIGVERIFY. The tool also allows the user to later move the coins on the Bitcoin SV chain using a separate script that will be valid on both chains. This allows users and exchanges to protect themselves from replay attacks.

More information about Electron Cash ecosystem can be found in an announcement made by Jonald, today: https://electroncash.org/nov2018.html

Added offer! On fork day, I am planning to personally create some more experimental transactions that are only compatible with bitcoin SV. This (together with the tool) allows a full two-way split where neither side’s transactions can be replayed on the other. If you are interested in receiving SV-only coins, please send a tiny nominal amount (the network minimum is 546 satoshis) to my address bitcoincash:qrsplterpal0qx0ncerywfq2m7rjmyle3vzcektucc before fork day. Then, I will try to arrange for an SV-only coin to be sent back to the first input address, as soon as possible after the fork activates. You can then mix the received SV-only coin with your other coins, and thus start making transactions on SV that definitely cannot be replayed elsewhere.

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