Harvey Weinstein Is Trying To Use Asia Argento’s Sexual Assault Investigation As A New Defense Tactic!

Asia Argento is in serious trouble.

In case you hadn’t heard, the powerful #MeToo voice, one of over five dozen women who gave public accounts of the sexual misconduct of Harvey Weinstein, is facing her own accusations.

According to a bombshell NY Times report on Monday, Asia paid a settlement to Jimmy Bennett, a young man who says she assaulted him when he was 17 years old.

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Previously, he had been an actor in a film she directed when he was only seven; she went on to mentor him for years.

Now the exposure may cost more than her reputation; the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department has now stated it will be investigating the matter.

According to TMZ, authorities initially said they would only seek charges if the victim sought them out but now say the media attention on the case has forced their hand…

Far more confusing is Weinstein’s reaction to all this.

The former Hollywood powerhouse, who is facing multiple rape charges, tried to take advantage of the situation. His criminal attorney, Ben Brafman, released a statement saying:

“This development reveals a stunning level of hypocrisy by Asia Argento, one of the most vocal catalysts who sought to destroy Harvey Weinstein. What is perhaps most egregious, is the timing, which suggests that at the very same time Argento was working on her own secret settlement for the alleged sexual abuse of a minor, she was positioning herself at the forefront of those condemning Mr. Weinstein, despite the fact that her sexual relationship with Mr. Weinstein was between two consenting adults which lasted for more than four years.

The sheer duplicity of her conduct is quite extraordinary and should demonstrate to everyone how poorly the allegations against Mr. Weinstein were actually vetted and accordingly, cause all of us to pause and allow due process to prevail, not condemnation by fundamental dishonesty.”

Ugh. The criminal justice system doesn’t work that way!

First off, Asia’s claims against Harvey are not part of the charges against him — those are other women’s testimonies. Her credibility has NOTHING to do with his trial.

Second, her offenses, whatever they are, may incriminate her — but they don’t exculpate anyone else! Sorry, but we’re going to be blunt af here: Two rapes don’t make a right.

Even if she were charged, tried, and convicted, it in NO WAY changes the facts in Weinstein’s case!

How do we even have to keep saying these things??

[Image via Asia Argento/Instagram/Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]

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