Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence : Health

This article is a mess.

  1. THC is the psychoactive substance. Meanwhile marijuana high on CBD and low on THC is the one that would have no side effects and only help against pain, nause, tremor.. So that’s something not mentioned which is an important part of the research and a big part of the medicinal use.

  2. Marijuana consumed “illegally” is worse than controlled marijuana consume; the phenomena of very strong marijuana would be avoided.

  3. To make it legal, would mean more access for research, which is needed in order to be more certain on the issue.

  4. It is linked with schizophrenia for people who already have a predisposition, and this makes a huge difference. It doesn’t make you schizophrenic, if you have a tendency, marijuana consume would increase the likelihood of developing this illness.

  5. The sources for the numbers to prove the link to violence are not shown. Marijuana (high on CBD one at least) itself is not a drug that promotes violence since it is an

Yes, marijuana is a drug and as such there are positive and negative sides to it. Such articles do not help the debate, they just stick to one side and try to be shocking by saying something controversial. There are risks to consuming marijuana and I personally am against the advocates who praise it as the magical drug that will solve all our issues. We need more research, we need more support for people suffering from mental issues, we need a controlled production and consumption of marijuana (which is only possible if you legalize it) and just generally a better debate about the science behind, leaving politics and personal interests (such as an economics guy selling a book about mental illnesses).

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