Chinese authorities in the heavily Muslim region of Xinjiang have ensnared tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of Muslim Chinese in mass-indoctrination camps : worldnews

These camps are the same that China used in the cultural revolution and after Mao conquered China. Previously China was pretty religious and had old superstitions. For example women’s place was similar to Islamic societies, and people believed in crazy shit like railroads were bad for fengshui. These camps essentially smashed old Chinese behaviors, forced people to learn to read, and brainwashed people to love Mao.

To be brutally honest, these camps are similar to bible study sessions and camps where you religious people brainwash you into a religion, except it goes in the opposite direction. Many parts of the world has been brainwashed to believe in extreme Islam due to the Saudi money, this is just using similar methods to reverse this trend. Do any believe democracy or free speech will stop Islamic extremism from spreading for example in Pakistan? I am sure these camps are brutal as fuck and there are innocents in these camps, but I kind of see this as an necessary evil to fight evil.

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