Israel Struggles to Explain Why Snipers Used to Quell Palestinian Protest : worldnews

I didn’t see any protests.
Terrorists organised a human shield operation that some not very smart people call “protests”.
Israel has withdrawn from Gaza, doesn’t conduct police operations there (arrests and whatnot). Gaza is an enemy territory controlled by enemy armed forces. In such situation, there is no such thing as “peaceful demonstrators”, there are two types of people (from the point of view of international law):

  1. Unarmed people outside the no man’s land, who do whatever they want.

  2. Enemy combatants and their human shields. All responsibility for the loss of life of human shields falls solely onto those who use those human shields.

Hamas conducts such operations with two aims: kill Israelis and create worldwide PR against Israel. And if the first aim is constant and depends on nothing, the second one is the function of people’s “outrage against Israel”. The more people are outraged today, the more Hamas interested in putting civilians in harms way in the future. So, everyone who’s outraged against Israel instead of Hamas should look at his hands, they might have civilian blood on them.

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