UK businessman and Putin critic Bill Browder ‘arrested on Russian Interpol arrest warrant in Spain’ : worldnews

So, if he thought this outcome was more than likely, why did he do nothing to try to prevent it? Also the article, doesn’t even say what the arrest warrant was for.

Did the guy actually break the law? Or is Interpol now extraditing innocent people to Russia? Because I find it hard to believe that Interpol would knowingly deport a person to Moscow, knowing they’re innocent.

If this guy wasn’t guilty(of whatever accused crime the article left out)… wouldn’t the UK have protected him?

It seems the article is trying to make the story seem as if Russia is using Interpol to arrest foreign Nationals, then deport them to Russia, to be killed.

In reality, it seems like this guy committed a crime, so Russia is using Interpol to bring him to justice, and that Interpol agrees with the Russians’ accusations. And it also seems that the UK agrees with them, or else one would assume they would have used their power to protect their own citizen.

The only reason I can think of, that Bill Browder would scared of being deported in MARCH… is he knew the U.K. would not protect him. Why isn’t the U.K. protecting Browder? That’s the question that was conveniently left unanswered, as well as the nature of the accusations against Browder.

The most likely scenario would seem to be that the guy is actually guilty of something, and that’s why Russia, Interpol, AND the UK have done nothing to stop him from being tried.

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