UK crashing out of EU with no deal becoming a ‘serious’ possibility, says Irish PM. UK yet to propose anything that ‘remotely approaches’ a ‘workable and legally operable’ solution to Irish border : worldnews

In what way is the UK trying to fuck Ireland over? I don’t know too much so any information would be greatly appreciated

Currently there are two ‘states’ in Ireland. One falls into Great Britain (Northern Ireland) while the other usually what people mean when they say ‘Ireland’ is the Republic of Ireland

While in the EU customs union Britain is required to adhere to specific rules and laws for trade products. This means no feeding their chickens arsenic, abiding by a set of rules all of those within the free market have agreed upon. So there’s a specific standard to hold to.

Once Britain leaves the EU it will no longer be held to those standards. This will result in what’s called a “Hard border” between the UK and EU states. This will specifically impact the border situation in Ireland. Goods which freely travel in both directions due to EU rules will then be subject to inspection and be limited.

On top of this Ireland and Northern Ireland was for a very long time an area of significant strife. The closest comparison is that of Israel / Palestine, it’s not an exact comparison by any means but it was primarily a conflict over land, who owns it and who should have it, while at the same time being divided almost entirely down religious lines.

Ireland and Northern Ireland now have what is essentially an open border. This was enshrined in law as part of what’s called “The Good Friday Agreement”. Which also put a stop to huge amount of violence, unrest etc. /u/BocciaChoc

This means once Britain leaves the EU there will legally have to be a border between Ireland (EU member) and Northern Ireland (non-EU member), while at the same time there cannot be one, according to other agreements, namely the good friday one.

I am simplifying this rather dramatically but I’ve given you most of the major issues involved.

There must be a border to prevent non-eu sanctioned goods just rolling into an EU member state, e.g. illegal pesticides, chlorinated chicken, etc. Because once in the EU state they could be disseminated into other EU countries without being subject to the same scrutiny as non-EU goods. So they have to checked at a ‘hard border’. While at the same time they can’t have one, due to other agreements they have made. aka total mess.

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