Cat being fed by tube, not pooping, ocasionnaly vomiting : Pets

Hello he is 4 years old he is being fed by tube for 4 days now. he is a 8 kg cat, he vomited on the second day then vomited again the day after, and today he vomited again after just a small portion… he is supposed to eat 60ml through syringe every 6 hours, but he is vomiting more regularly now.. and he doesn’t seem to poop at all (the food is liquid idk if that has something to do with it) but it’s strange i mean where is he keeping all the food if he isn’t pooping? i have an appointment with the vet in 2 days, i tried asking him but he justy gives generic answers, he is probably busy idk..

he was diagnosed with hepatic lypidosis, that’s why he has a tube

Cat looks stressed and sad, today we had to go out and instead of giving him every 6h today was 8h of difference, we only gave him 20ml instead of 60 and he vomited right away…

anyone has had similar experiences?

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