Despite my allergies to dogs and cats, i want to go ahead and get one. Anyone been in my situation? Did you regret it? : Pets

So I had childhood asthma and ive been allergic to the protein that naturally inhibits in dogs and cats’ fur and saliva. Not a severe allergy but my parents have kept furry pets away from me since I was a child as they did not want me to re-develop asthma.

I’ve talked to allergenist about raising a hypoallergenic dog or cat but they still recommended that i did not as no dog or cat is 100% hypoallergenic and they still would be allergic just from their way of life.

Ive really wanted a dog/cat companion. Im finding myself convincing myself that i can live with the allergy…or that if i take real good care of a dog/cat, i can reduce my allergic symptoms…or that my parents are wrong and my asthma wont redevelop from the allergies.

Anyone been in my situation? Or know anyone who has gone through with raising a furry pet? How did it turn out for them?

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