How young is too young for a puppy to stay somewhere else? : Pets

My fiance and I were approved for a puppy from a wonderful rescue and we are so excited. The puppy is only 4 weeks old now, so it’ll be awhile until we can bring him home. His neuter is scheduled for 6/26 and he’ll be ready to go the next day or two. The problem is we have a vacation scheduled in Cancun 7/21-7/28. His parents have offered to take the puppy and watch him while we are gone. They also have a dog.

Is the puppy too young for that? Are we being irresponsible pet owners if we do that? I wanted someone to come stay at our house with the puppy but my fiance isn’t comfortable with people living at our house when we aren’t there. I think he’s being dramatic, but that’s just me.

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