New Yorkshire Terrier Pup in Cat Household


I’ve been doing some research on how to accustom a new pup into a cat household. I had them separated for a few hours in the beginning and let them interact under my supervision. Today is the 3rd day and I’m seeing some signs of less hostility between them which I think is a good sign.

However, on the first day, the cat did chase the dog around the house for about two laps, and I heard the dog yelping ( which I believe was due to his fear). The cat hissed, and even swiped at the dog two previous times when the dog got too close, within the past two days. Once that happened, I stopped the socialization time and put them in separate areas again.

Each socialization time between them, my cat is starting to inch closer to the dog, and even starts making noise at it. On two different occasions, the cat trilled, and meowed at the dog. I’m seeing this as a sign that cat is starting to think the dog is friendly. They got as even close as two inches in their faces to smell each other.

However, because the dog was most likely traumatized by the cat on the first encounters (where the dog was chased by the cat), I think the dog starts to act up and when the cat gets near, then startles the cat which in turn leads to the cat getting defensive and hissing.

I’m looking for an advice here. Should I keep allowing them to socialize every day under supervision for a little until a sign of aggression is shown? Or should I keep them separated longer to allow their scents to be familiarized by each pet?

Oh, the dog is 8-9 months old and the cat is just a over a year old now.

Any advice or insights would be very appreciated 🙂

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