Pet hotel lost my cat. What can I do here? : Pets

I’ve raised my cat since she was a kitten. Recently, I left her with my girlfriend’s sister to take care over because I was traveling. She also was taking a trip, so decided to leave her at a pet hotel for the weekend.

Within 30 minutes, she received a call from the hotel saying that the cat had escaped. They gave a weak apology, offered to pay the cost of the cat and nothing more, and said they were absolved of responsibility because of the waiver she signed. Needless to say, we’re pretty devastated.

I’m pretty incensed that a pet hotel is treating the fact that they literally lost one of their tenants like it’s no big deal. We’re putting up posters and sending out posts right now, but I can’t help but feel like the whole situation is terribly unjust. I’ve contemplated going to the local news because they love to do stories defending customers from local businesses. Any thoughts?

Edit: I talked to gf’s sister again. Even more infuriatingly, they only gave her a refund after she promised not to do anything about it and appear to have scared her from pursuing legal action or even to post any bad reviews online. I’m trying to reason with her that we should at least explore our options.

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