The puppy is winning. HELP : Pets

I have owned dogs and cats before (even other animals) but I have never had a puppy. Normally I adopt older dogs that need a home.

But now I have a 10 week old puppy who I simply cannot get through to. I have had him for a month now and his pad training has not improved at all. When we got him we would every hour or so pick him up, pet him and take him to his pad and encourage him to “do his business”. We kept an eye on him as he ate and drank and tried to get an idea of how long before he would need to use a pad and make sure he was standing on one. After he did his business, we always acted overjoyed and gave him a treat. When we were not there to carry him to the pad, he always chose a random spot to do his business. We were sure with the positive reinforcement and repetitiveness would have by now produced some sort of association between needing to go to the bathroom and using his pads. But no luck. We have killed a tree with the amount of paper towels we have purchased to clean up his business.

He now has all his shots and we are taking him for walks, but he is so afraid/stubborn/lazy that he lays down during the walk and refuses to move. We tried taking one of his toys with us on the walk hoping to get him to follow it along. that produced diminishing returns quickly. He just does not like walking. It has been a week of trying to walk him 3x a day and he still fights us.

He loves the backyard and it would be perfect if we could create a doggie door to go outside, but we live on the top floor of a 2 family house and its impossible for us to do.

Finally our toes are unsafe. No matter how many toys we buy him and tell him he is a good boy when tearing them apart, he will always try and get our shoes, toes, fingers or whatever when hanging with us. No matter how often and firmly we say no.

Any suggestions? Exorcism?

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