Russell Okung calls ‘Wakanda Tech’ alma mater on ‘Sunday Night Football’

Los Angeles Chargers offensive tackle Russell Okung paid homage to his alma mater “Wakanda Tech” during his introduction on Sunday Night Football.

Just one thing: That’s not a real school.

Okung, 31, actually went to Oklahoma State, but instead used the introduction to sneak in a reference to Black Panther. The movie released earlier this year is set in the fictional, technologically advanced African country of Wakanda. Okung even came prepared with an accent for the bit.

Black Panther was the first Marvel superhero movie with a predominantly black cast, and many NFL players — including Okung — hosted screenings of the movie for kids.

But the real question now is whether or not Wakanda Tech and their vibranium have a shot at beating Alabama:

I’m picking Bama.

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