The 5 all-new Bitcoin Core developers have proven their incompetence. They received an exponential adoption curve, and they sabotaged it. : btc

There was an exponential bitcoin adoption curve taking place during 2017. Everyone was talking about bitcoin.

At that very moment, incredibly high fees kicked in. This is a feature provided by Bitcoin Core, thanks to the all-new developers (where did these new people come from?) who aren’t very good and refused to increase capacity. As a result of their incompetence, at the very time the technology went mainstream, fees reached over $50 per transaction on average.

The all-new Bitcoin Core developers celebrated. Greg Maxwell was pulling out the “champaign”. Greg and Luke Dashjr and Jimmy Song recommended everyone use their credit cards.

Why would they do this? On the surface, the reason they give is social responsibility. They don’t want you bloating the blockchain. Which is a completely bogus reason.

But Rick Falkvinge explains what really happened. The new persons who took over Bitcoin Core (and still maintain it today) simply have other plans.

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