The whole first page is filled with posts about an irrelevant loser who has never delivered anything. Here’s some adoption stories instead: : btc

  • Nexo has recently added BCH to their lending platform

  • The laughable BCH insider trading lawsuit against Coinbase has been dismissed

  • Pandacash developed a one-click SDK for BCH, deservingly winning Devcon

  • You can pay with BCH in almost every country where is a thing

  • BCH is a top gainer in price today amongst the high-cap coins, because Binance removed some of the uncertainty around the fork and announced support. Higher BCH price means a higher likelyhood that Bitmain’s ICO would be a success, and this in turn means more money invested in BCH adoption over the long run.

  • The Money Button is going to continue working on the winning chain (we all know which chain that would be) and Ryan X Charles is actually a great spokesman for some of the reasonable opinions that the SV camp holds.


CSW has around 3% of the total SHA256 hashrate, and he’s going against the company that creates the miners.
He’s the equivalent of a small puddle, barking at a german shepherd while peeing itself.
The only reason he’s been receiving more attention than your average troll is that he’s milking Calvin Ayre for cash to rent i8-s with, and then taken photos pretending like the cars are his.

Instead of giving him undeserved attention (I guess now I’m guilty of the same), how about we focus on actually important stuff like the bullet points above, shall we?

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