Tipping Tuesday – Oct 16, 2018 : btc

In this week’s installment, please share a random thought or question that’s been on your mind about Bitcoin Cash.

For me, I was pretty invigorated seeing all the excitement around building things on top of BCH at the BCH Devcon hackathon in San Francisco. We saw some great interviews coming out of the event, like this one with Ryan Charles.

Also, in addition to Merchant Monday (thanks /u/NeonWasteland!) and Tipping Tuesday (which only happens whenever someone bothers to start the thread), I’ve been mulling over having a “spending saturday” or something like that where people share something they paid for with BCH that week. I try to use BCH for as many things as possible, but my favorite from the past week was dinner at Korean Spring BBQ in Santa Clara, CA. The owner of the business said he gets (by far) more customers paying with BCH than with any other currency he accepts (ETH and BTC).

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