Trump’s Shutdown Is Now Endangering Federal Investigations. How About That.

Donald Trump says he’s keeping the government shut down over border security. But does he really care about keeping people safe?

As the shutdown continues, the safety of the everyone in the country is at greater risk as food safety inspections and airport security personnel have been greatly diminished.

And now the shutdown has gone on so long it’s become a serious threat to national security!

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The FBI Agents Association told the Atlantic the bureau is losing confidential sources it can no longer pay, is unable to issue subpoenas to grand juries, and is running out of money to fund many key operations.

One agent said:

“The operational impacts of this shutdown are immeasurable. We have postponed the indictment of subjects due to the shutdown.”

Reports say everything from counterterrorism to cybersecurity to child sexual assault cases are being stalled by the lack of funding — some, agents say, irreparably due to their time sensitive nature.

Do you feel safer??

This shutdown clearly isn’t about security. But it may not be about vanity or stubborn pride either.

Here’s the odd thing: until recently we’d heard the Mueller investigation was not going to be affected by the shutdown. That may not entirely be true anymore…

See, despite the fact the office of the Special Counsel isn’t defunded, they use law enforcement — FBI agents — to execute search warrants, make arrests, etc.

Does Trump know this is going to hurt the investigation against him? Is it possible Trump WANTS the government closed to hurt the Russia probe?

He is keeping the shutdown going almost single-handedly. He just needs Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to agree not to allow a vote on a bill, and it doesn’t even matter if Congress has the numbers to override his veto.

Two men.

That alone is a shocking signal our system of “democracy” needs some fixing.

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And that proposal Trump made to Democrats to give them back the DACA protections he took away? Even that turned out to be (shocker!) disingenuous as White House officials told The New York Times they intentionally spiked it with anti-immigrant clauses that would keep ANY Democrats for voting on it.

Trump could, right now, on Twitter ffs, get the government re-opened.

President Art-of-the-Deal could keep trying to negotiate for his stupid wall while the government was running — but he doesn’t.

OK, but hold on — would Trump actually keep hundreds of thousands of people from getting paid and endanger U.S. citizens and potentially let terrorists and child molesters get away just to save his own skin??

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